Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron Review

December 31, 2020

By Nate


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Performing a dangerous task, like belaying, never completes without the availability of a good and secure carabiner. Before discussing Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron, we are going to tell you about a carabiner. 

A carabiner is a safety tool that people use while performing belaying. It has a large gate to secure the rope, gear, and knots. The gates grip the nose through which all the things inside the frame are locked strongly. 

The carabiner is used by climbers, hikers, boulders, and mountaineering lovers. It is used for the connection of safety equipment and components. It is used in cases when you need to take precautions. Usually, people use them for carrying things that they cannot fit into their bags or belts.

These carabiners now come with magnetic effects. There is equipment called Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron. This article is going to be a useful and informative collection of words. Those who do not know about Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron will be totally informed about this tool after reading this informative article. 

How Much Weight Will a Black Diamond Carabiner Hold?

The very first thing that you need to clear is that we can never rate carabiner for weight. They are always rated for the force that's why you will always see the answer and result in kN (kilonewtons). 

Usually, you can see the force range on the label of the products. All the products have a label that contains the correct information about them. It is not possible to write the range for every different carabiner. Typically, carabiner rated for the adventurous needs to hold and carry almost 20kN, which means 4400 lbs approximately and 2000 KG. 

Different carabiners have different capacities, but normally the results show the Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron can hold on the weight of about 20 to 25 kN, which means a lot of weight. It can lift and hold heavyweights that's why it is used by boulders and hikers to attach heavy loads that they cannot fix or connect with their bag and belt. 

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What are Carabiners Used For? 

This small tool is used to carry heavy loads in belaying and bouldering. Professionals consider them as a good source to keep heavy things with them that they cannot attach to their belts or bag. These small tools are very strong and perform very great. They can easily handle heavy weights. Their small parts are designed masterly and critically.

When these carabiners are combined with the rope, they make a pulley system. These small pear-shaped rings, when attached with ATC pilots, allow the movement of things while performing the task. 

This Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron can also be used for tree maintenance. It is also used in cases of rescue. It can also be used by military men. Military men need these carabiners for taking all the necessary things and pieces of equipment with them. These have wide applications in many fields. As they are very small and lightweight, so they are used for all outdoor tasks related to height. 

Carabiners are Made from Which Material? 

After seeing the benefits and usage of this small ring, people want to seek information about the material from which it is made up of. It is correct that these carabiners are small and very strong. Now, let's move toward the manufacturing material of this strong ring. 

There are many carabiners made up of different materials. Some carabiners are made up of heavy metal. These are the ones that are used for serious tasks like military purposes and for professional bouldering. Some carabiners are made up of simple steel and aluminum alloy. You can also see the carabiners made up of galvanized steel. 

All carabiners made up of different materials are used for different purposes. The manufacturing material depends upon the usage of these protective rings.

What Carabiner Should I Buy? 

The kinds of carabiners also depend on use. Based on uses, the carabiners have four types that are created specifically for different purposes. There are four shapes and four styles of gates.

Actually, there are many types of carabiners. 

  • Regular D-shaped carabiners are heavy in weight and have a very small opening, but they are very strong. 
  • Asymmetrical D-shaped carabiners have large openings, but they are very expensive. 
  • The carabiners of oval shape are very less strong, but their shape helps them to carry more things and gear. 
  • Pear-shaped carabiners have large openings, and they are heavy at the same time. 
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All these shapes have their own functions and features. We have discussed both their negative and positive aspects. Now, you can judge them in the correct way according to your requirements. 

Types of Gates:

Like shapes, the carabiners also have different gates. These different types of gates are also used in different places and for different purposes. Here are the names of these different gates. 

  1. Screw gate 
  2. Twist gate 
  3. Wire gate
  4. Snap gate. 

These gates are different from one and another and perform tasks in different ways. 

What is the Best Carabiner to Buy? 

As we have started our discussion from Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron, that's why our first recommendation is this black diamond protective ring. This company always tries to design something new and helpful. 

Now, it has advanced its level up to a Magnetron Gridlock. These carabiners use a magnetic field for their locking systems. They are better and more reliable. The user can use them without any hassle.

The products that we are going to show you are the best. We have selected and listed these products because they have all the features and factors of good and best products. Let's get deep into them.

Locking Carabiner 

Black Diamond Gridlock Screwgate Locking Carabiner

This carabiner has a unique lock that isolates the belay loop easily and in a very modern style. It is totally synthetic and can work for many years. 

This one has an ergonomic design with a very easy lock system. This lock system will enable the user to lock it and unlock it instantly in an easy way. In this way, it will not provide any hesitation while utilizing it. 

It is one beam of metal that curves and keeps good shapes in order to give a large area for rope feeding. The beam curves and provides an area to lift the heavy loads. You can easily keep your heavy things by using this carabiner. 

This is a super lightweight product, and it should be because of its main motive. It weighs about 76g only. You can also keep more than 2 or 3 carabiner rings while moving toward heights. 

It is an oval-shaped Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron that provides the lift to load in a balanced way. It is very great to manage the load, size, and toughness of the materials to be carried. 

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  • Lightweight
  • Durable 
  • Strong 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Easy to lock
  • Easy to unlock
  • Secure locks

Black Diamond Caribiner

Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron Locking Carabiner

This tool contains magnetic arms in the gate. Its name tells about the usage of the magnetic field. To create an attraction between the nose and the gate, the makers have added magnets in the gate and steel in the nose. Both things attract each other, and the lock becomes automatic. You will not feel the discomfort of locking and unlocking the carabiner. Its symmetric design will allow you to open the lock with one hand only. It will not matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. 

It has an innovative and distinctive shape, and it serves great for preventing cross-loadings. The anti-cross lifting mechanism is super easy and understandable. You can understand the whole thing easily and accurately. 

The auto-locking system provides safety to the user. This is also a single beam of metal that is curved to give the required shape. This shape allows a person to carry many heavy things at a time. 

Its design is also great; it can easily keep and secure the heavy loads with the user. Moreover, due to this unique shape, it will surely reduce the risk of cross-loading for you. This product is also synthetic, which means it will work for the user for a very long time. 


  • It has a unique shape 
  • Can be operated through one hand
  • The lock system uses a magnetic field. 
  • Lock and unlock in a very easy manner
  • Lightweight
  • Durable 
  • Prevent cross-landing

Closing Thoughts

Some things have a lot of weight that a climber, boulder, and hiker cannot carry with him by attaching them to their belt or bag. Therefore, carabiners are used. These small rings help a person to lift the heavy load without any difficulty. Through them, men carry heavy things and do not feel the burden.

The Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron can do this job for you. It can lift a heavy load not only for adventure lovers but also for many other purposes. This article contains information about the carabiners or Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron. With the different shapes and gates, we have also mentioned two products on our list. You will surely find it a nice and informative guide. 

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