Black Diamond Eldorado Tent Review

July 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more information about the black diamond eldorado tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

The Black Diamond Eldorado tent is the premier four-season tent for hiking and mountaineering, featuring increased strength without becoming cumbersome enough to impede alpine missions above treeline.

This freestanding wedge-shaped tent is specially designed for winter conditions, weighing only 3 lbs 1.3 oz with seam sealing completed. Crafted from NanoShield fabric which helps wick away moisture and minimize condensation in cold, dry weather conditions, this tent's lightweight yet strong frame weighs only 2 kg 9 oz in weight after seam sealing is complete.


If you prefer carrying lightweight shelters on your climbs but don't want to compromise safety or storm-resistance for weight-saving, this model could be just the thing. While adding about one pound more to your overall pack weight, this tent offers much more interior space and superior storm resistance compared to ultralight models (such as Black Diamond First Light).

The Eldorado tent is ideal for alpine climbing, fitting neatly onto tiny ledges while offering enough headroom for two climbers sitting facing each other while belaying. Additionally, its design makes it suitable for ice climbing; just position its ridgeline against steep walls to pitch properly. While you can pitch this tent using only an external pole (similar to the BD Trango 2) it benefits greatly from having an additional wingpole which adds significant stability against high winds and ensures greater wind protection.


As a 4-season tent designed for generalist use, the Eldorado is one of the premier models we've tested. Light enough for summer mountaineering high above treeline but strong enough to withstand wilderness storms on glacial treks to Alaska Range or Peru's Cordillera Blanca; or nearby winter ascents closer to home – making this tent nearly unrivalled when it comes to weight, strength, and versatility – earning top ratings from reviewers at Switchback Travel, Rock & Ice Backpacker and Outdoor Gear Lab among many others!

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The Eldorado doesn't include a vestibule, which might be problematic if you plan to leave your tent for extended periods on route and return periodically for meals, sleep and showering at basecamp. But you can add one (sold separately by Black Diamond) for increased shelter for gear stowage. However, an optional Black Diamond vestibule door (sold separately) provides larger protection from rain or snowfall and more space to store gear stowing space sheltered from weather elements.

Since this model does not factory seal seam sealant itself (it's easy and quick using products like Gear Aid Seam Sealer), adding one will also come handy for keeping pests at bay from entering through its door and windows – an advantage not shared by similar models! This model comes complete with an attractive bug net to keep out pests while camping outside!



Black Diamond Eldorado 4-Season Tent strikes an excellent balance between lightness and storm-toughness for comfort. There are lighter models out there, but none that come close to striking such an equilibrium – making this tent ideal for high alpine mountaineering adventures that might be hard on gear, as well as expeditions to Alaska's Denali or Peru's Cordillera Blanca.

The Black Diamond Eldorado tent features an intuitive single-wall design and straightforward construction that makes it the ideal lightweight shelter for climbers and mountaineers looking for shelter on small ledges. Two internal aluminum poles provide strong support that can withstand even inclement weather or icy conditions while packing down into many internal-frame backpacks easily.

This tent was specifically created with climbers in mind, providing enough room for two individuals. Furthermore, its vestibule can store gear when climbing in snowy and wet conditions – an invaluable feature. Finally, its compact design enables it to fit easily in many internal-frame packs' side pocket for transport and deployment.

Eldorado tent is surprisingly spacious for a single-wall tent with 31 square feet of interior space – more than any two-pole option and many comfort-oriented double wall options such as Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 or Hilleberg Nammatj. However, due to a non-detachable fly and limited ventilation in this configuration it might not be best suited for very hot and humid conditions.

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The Black Diamond Eldorado tent is made with durable, waterproof Toddtex fabric designed to resist abrasion and minimize condensation. Additionally, there are multiple venting options such as zippered peak venting and hooded ventilation over its single door. However, since it does not come factory seam sealed you must seal it yourself; Gear Aid Seam Sealer should make this easy process faster than ever!


Black Diamond Eldorado stands out as an impressive single-wall tent due to its impressive breathability. This feat is made possible thanks to its innovative tunnel design, which creates an air pocket around you instead of forcing moisture out through its walls into your body. As a result, it can handle snow loads well while managing condensation effectively, an impressive feat among fast and light alpine tents.

Black Diamond's Eldorado tent combines high breathability with world-class stability. Less prone to pitching errors than most two-pole tents and easily handling crosswinds, its frame has also been designed for maximum compactness for easier fitting into most internal frame backpacks.

As is typical with Black Diamond tents, the Eldorado was made to stand the test of time. Its fabric is thicker than most competitors' offerings and more resistant to abrasion; thus preventing its outer shell from poking through. Even our toughest tester, Ian Nicholson has used this tent for over 200 days without any sign of delamination!

Water Resistant

Eldorado tents utilize NanoShield fabric that is water-repellant but not waterproof, saving weight while helping minimize condensation. While it may seem counterintuitive for designers to cut corners this way, such an approach makes sense in high altitude conditions as this fabric wicks moisture away, mitigating condensation as well as cold conditions that come with being at altitudes higher than 14,000 feet.

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Eldorado tents differ from many single-wall tents by offering ventilation through its unique wire stiffener in the door flap, creating a small awning to increase vestibule size while leaving main door cracked open for ventilation and condensation control.

If you plan to spend much time outdoors, adding an optional vestibule (sold separately) for extra storage and gear protection could be worthwhile. Coverage ranges from 9 square feet up to 16 square feet; attachment is easily achieved using additional poles.

The Black Diamond Eldorado tent stands out as our most versatile model in our review, capable of handling summer alpine climbing locally as well as winter expeditions in Alaska's Ranges and Peru's Cordillera Blancas. While lighter and stronger options exist, few can do what this model excels at doing so well.


The Eldorado tent is an ultralight yet roomy choice for alpine climbing expeditions, designed to fit on small ledges while offering enough height for taller climbers and extra gear storage space. Weighing less than most two-person alpine tents, it weighs less than most two-person tents as well. However, its durability may be compromised during winter expeditions where more reliable shelter from stormy conditions and exposed sites may be required; larger mountaineering tents such as Mountain Hardwear's Trango 2 or Nemo Chogori might provide better shelter during such expeditions.

The Black Diamond First Light tent saves weight compared to its Eldorado counterpart by being single-walled and shorter for reduced headroom for taller climbers. Reviewers at Switchback Travel, Rock & Ice Magazine and Outdoor Gear Lab all give this four-season tent high marks; its lightweightness and portability is often praised; others might see middling weather protection.

Your tent doesn't come equipped with factory seam sealant, so to maximize its longevity and waterproofing properties it's essential that you add your own after each use. Gear Aid seam sealer makes this simple; most backpackers may skip this extra step but doing so adds considerable life to the tent while guaranteeing its waterproofing stays top notch.


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