BKC Pk14 Kayak Review

March 24, 2023

By Nate


The Brooklyn Kayak Company bkc PK14 tandem pedal kayak is one of their larger models at 14 feet. Weighing 95 pounds, this kayak provides excellent stability in a variety of water and weather conditions.

It's the ideal choice for fishing, camping trips, and short adventures just for fun. Plus, its enormous weight capacity limit of 660 pounds means it's big enough to accommodate two adults plus plenty of gear!

How Much Does a BKC PK14 Weigh?

The BKC PK14 is a big boy, yet still offers plenty of room for two. Its rotomolded single-piece high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hull can take some beating and still look great after years of abuse.

It may be a bit of a haul to transport this boat from your vehicle to the water, but with some effort you should have everything set up in no time. Four built-in handles make transporting it from place A to B effortless, and scupper holes with optional plugs let you drain any moisture that comes your way.

Although there are some shortcomings to this kayak's construction, it does its job with style and distinction, guaranteeing any outdoor enthusiast a lifetime of pleasure. At such an affordable price point, this could easily become one of your must-have items on your wish list. With an impressive 660-pound weight capacity, its impressive capabilities don't end there!

Do They Make a 2 Person Pedal Kayak?

If you're in search of a hands-free kayak on the water, pedal kayaks could be just what you need. They have become increasingly popular over time due to their numerous advantages over paddle-powered craft.

The primary advantage of inflatable kayaks is that they require less effort and effort to use, making them quicker, more efficient, and causing fewer underwater disturbances than paddle kayaks do.

Unfortunately, pedal kayaks tend to be more costly than basic kayaks and can cost over $1000 for a high quality model. This is due to the advanced design features a pedal kayak will have over an average kayak, such as retractable or kick-up pedals, additional gears, driveshafts and propeller system.

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Tandem pedal kayaks are an ideal choice for recreational kayakers, anglers and photographers as they offer a sleek, hands-free way to navigate calm sheltered waters. Plus, these boats provide more comfort during extended paddling sessions and are much easier to transport than traditional tandem sit-on-top kayaks.

How Much Does a Brooklyn Kayak Weigh?

When it comes to kayaks, the amount of weight you can load into them will significantly influence their maneuverability on the water. A kayak that's too heavy will be slower and less stable than one without as much extra mass.

That's why it's essential to select a kayak that can support both your body weight and any gear you plan on taking with you. Brooklyn Kayak Company boasts some of the highest weight capacity ratings for their kayaks, meaning two adults plus plenty of gear should fit comfortably inside one single kayak.

For instance, the BKC PK13 Traveler kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 550 pounds, providing ample room for two people and their gear. Furthermore, its spacious rear cargo area features bungee tie-down straps as well as watertight storage hatches.

The PK13 features a pedal drive system that lets you paddle across the water hands-free. It can be upgraded to a trolling motor for even greater power and speed, making it an ideal choice for long distance kayak fishing or touring.

BKC PK14 Tandem Pedal Kayak

The BKC PK14 tandem kayak allows you and a friend to cruise the water at your own leisure. It has dual pedal drive system and hand operated rudder control for fast forward motion that's effortless with this kayak.

With a weight capacity of 660 pounds, you and your friend can fit in plenty of gear without taking up too much room. Plus, the recessed cargo area behind the rear seat can store items such as coolers or other essentials.

Brooklyn Kayak Company's PK14 tandem kayak is one of their largest models and also one of their most stable. This kayak can handle large waves and strong winds, making it a great option for multi-day excursions.

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This tandem fishing kayak features a dual pedal drive system and rudder control to turn your kayak with minimal effort. You can easily pair it with a trolling motor to further increase speed. Plus, its built-in rod holders hold multiple lines securely out of the way while paddling or pedaling.

Who Makes BKC Kayak?

Established in Brooklyn, New York, BKC Kayak Company creates high-quality kayaks that provide outstanding value to users. Each kayak is engineered with thoughtful consideration and comes equipped with everything needed for an aquatic adventure.

The PK14 tandem kayak is an impressive 12-foot long sit-on-top craft with an incredible weight capacity of 660 pounds. This means it can comfortably support two adults and their gear without compromising performance or handling.

This sleek roto-molded UV-protected HDPE hull can ride currents, slice through chop, and glide over still water with ease. Crafted from one piece of High Density Polyethylene material, it's superior to inflatable kayaks in all kinds of conditions–from an ocean to a lake or river.

The rudder-controlled steering system provides precise, responsive turns while you pedal or cruise at your own speed. There's also a spacious rear cargo area with bungee tie-down straps that can store items such as coolers, tackle boxes or duffel bags. Plus there are two sealed hatches in the hull for water-resistant items you want to store away while on board.

Are Kayaks with Pedals Worth It?

Pedal kayaks offer several advantages for fishing, traveling and other water activities. They are more efficient and enable you to cover large bodies of water at a faster speed than paddle kayaks can.

Kayaks provide excellent cardio exercise and can help you stay fit and healthy. Furthermore, pedaling in a kayak offers you an exciting way to see the scenery around you while taking photos.

However, there are a few things you should take into account before investing in a kayak with pedals. First and foremost, make sure the hull of the kayak is strong and durable enough for use with pedals.

Another essential consideration is stability. Pedal kayaks often do not come equipped with attached rudders, making steering them at first a challenge.

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Fortunately, most pedal kayaks feature a handle to make steering simpler. Once you master this technique, navigating with confidence and ease is no problem. Stability is especially essential for those who will be on board for extended periods of time.

BKC PK14 14′ Tandem Review

The BKC PK14 14′ Tandem is one of their larger kayaks and an impressive feat of engineering. It can comfortably fit two medium to large adults plus a considerable amount of gear. Constructed out of rotomolded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), its dry weight of 95 pounds makes it heavier than many competitors in its class.

The PK14 boasts several impressive features, such as its easy-to-use and adjust gyroscopic steering system, built-in trolling motor for smooth water navigation and innovative handle that makes loading onto trailers or into vehicles a breeze. Plus, its rear cargo area has scupper holes big enough to hold a 20 liter soda mug plus an optional plug which drains any excess water quickly. All in all, the PK14 makes an excellent entry level tandem kayak option without breaking your budget – perfect for those just beginning their adventures!

Are Tandem Kayaks Any Good?

Tandem kayaks are an ideal way to introduce someone new to kayaking. Not only do they make teaching someone how to navigate a boat much simpler, but they provide a safe environment for children or inexperienced paddlers to hone their skills in safety.

Couples may find tandem kayaking to be a great choice, as it fosters close connections. Whether planning a romantic excursion or simply wanting to spend quality time together, paddling with your loved one in a tandem kayak can be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Some tandem kayaks have room for a third person, so you can bring along an extra friend, child or dog. Just make sure your three-person kayak has sufficient weight capacity.

Tandem kayaking offers many advantages, but it's essential to find the one that best fits you and your friends. When selecting a tandem kayak, there are several factors to consider such as length, weight capacity and hull shape. Furthermore, make sure the kayak can be transported easily and securely for storage purposes.

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