Big Agnes Copper Spur ul1 Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Searching for more details about the big agnes copper spur ul1 tent? Looking for a legitimate all-weather tent? Find out more details now.

Big Agnes Copper Spur ul1 tents are among the lightest single person tents available and often feel roomier than similar double-walled models such as the Alps Mountaineering Lynx and Nemo Dragonfly tents.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 tents are ideal for solo backpackers or thru-hikers seeking an ideal balance of weight and usability in a freestanding shelter.


Every backpacker knows that comfort in a tent goes beyond sleeping space alone. Vestibules for your boots, storage pockets to store water bottles and headlamps, gear loops for hanging gear – these features and more make the Copper Spur HV UL1 one of the most comfortable tents available today.

This tent stands out as being particularly spacious for just one person, even though its dimensions are relatively compact. Thanks to pre-bent hubbed tent poles giving it a boxier shape than traditional tents and adding vertical space in its center – meaning you don't feel cramped while sleeping or sitting up! Furthermore, there are several mesh pockets and one big bin pocket to help organize all your gear efficiently.

Copper Spur tents offer another great advantage: when not necessary for protection from weather, the rain-fly can be left off to allow air circulation within and cool the tent – keeping you cool and comfortable during backpacking trips!

When used with its rainfly, tents are an excellent option in most conditions. They can withstand moderate wind and rain while offering adequate shelter to most backpackers; however, these tents were not built to withstand super strong winds or heavy snow; for this purpose a four-season tent might be more appropriate.

Durability-wise, the tent features lightweight yet sturdy DAC Featherlite NFL and NSL poles made of lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy material, while its fabric is double-ripstop polyester that has been silicone treated – features that should stand up against harsh elements while remaining strong and secure.

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The mtnGLO lighting system is an invaluable addition to this tent and greatly increases visibility within. Although requiring batteries (which add only 1 ounce), having this lighting system in your tent will definitely prove worth your while when hiking remote trails at night.


Big Agnes Copper Spur ul1 tents stand out from other offerings on the market by being freestanding, meaning they do not require stakes to set up. This feature makes them particularly suitable for rugged terrain such as rocky areas where driving tent stakes into the ground might prove challenging; additionally, this allows repositioning without going through most of setup process again.

Additionally, the tent can be set up either with or without its rain-fly. This feature makes the tent ideal for warm or hot climates as removing it allows airflow freely through it and helps maintain comfortable temperatures inside.

This tent is easy to assemble, featuring a hub-and-spoke pole system with quick clips for fast setup. Furthermore, its small extension pole clips into the main poles at the top to help create steeper roof angles and increase stability; plus there are velcro straps in its fly that connect directly with its poles for an easier taught pitch pitch.

Plenty of Space

A large side entry door makes this tent simple to access, with plenty of interior space for one person. Plus, its gear attic with mesh pockets provides additional storage options – and is compatible with Big Agnes' Gear Attic accessories!

This ultralight tent is an excellent option for backpackers seeking ultralight camping solutions, although it should not be used in conditions with strong winds or intense storms – for these cases a four season tent would be more suitable.

Big Agnes has updated this tent with improved materials and an awning-style vestibule, which have resulted in significant weight reduction compared to its older version. Still, however, the tent weighs almost one kilogram – more than is appropriate for single person backpacking trips.

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This tent is very sturdy with reinforced poles and fabric. However, due to its weight it should be avoided in high winds as this could turn it into a dangerously heavy sail; and snow-covered mountains as it might prove too challenging to set up properly in such conditions.



Copper Spur HV UL1 tent is ideal for backpackers and ultralight hikers looking for lightweight camping solutions. At under 3 pounds when fully packed, it makes an excellent option for backpacking, bikepacking and bicycle touring adventures. When packed up into its carrying bag it easily attaches to backpacks or bicycle frames while doubles as bivy sack allowing sleep under the stars!

This tent features a freestanding design that doesn't require stakes to secure it – an important advantage in rough terrain conditions and quick and easy setup times. Furthermore, its lightweight DAC Featherlite NFL and NSL poles help reduce its overall weight.

This tent boasts a versatile door that can be adjusted either awning-style or closed, as well as a vestibule that provides extra living space. Perfect for solo backpackers seeking a tent that provides enough stretch-out room. Plus, its new version now features dual zipper design – an upgrade over its predecessor version!

TipLok Tent Buckle is one of the key improvements to this tent, designed to make set-up easier and quicker than ever. It includes a plastic pole-tip capture that securely anchors pole tips while equalizing attachment points' forces for easier attachment of tent poles and guylines.

Another outstanding aspect of this tent is that it can be pitched without its rain fly, providing more air flow and making camping in warmer or hotter temperatures more comfortable. This feature should especially come in handy.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur double-wall tent is an amazing lightweight double-walled tent perfect for backpacking and ultralight hiking, featuring high-quality materials at an extremely reasonable price point. However, it may not suit hardcore ultralight backpackers planning a thru-hike route.

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Big Agnes stands out as a premier brand in lightweight tent design. Their Copper Spur HV model stands as an icon among lightweight camping options; designed to be both spacious and lightweight for optimal backpacker comfort without compromising weight savings.

Copper Spur tents stand out from other single-person tents by offering extra space inside them, due to pre-bent and hubbed poles creating an open and boxy design. A large side entrance provides easy entry/exit while its spacious vestibule (9.5 sq ft ) can store most backpackers' gear, shoes, and other necessities.

Closing Thoughts

Big Agnes tents are constructed with durability in mind. Big Agnes employs 20 denier ripstop nylon fabric which may not be the lightest seam-taped tent fabric on the market, but more than capable of withstanding most backpackers' rough handling and camping conditions. Furthermore, their TipLok tent buckle offers another helpful feature by replacing grommets with plastic pieces which spread the force from attachment points more evenly – this makes the tent both more durable and simpler to pitch.

Durability has also been improved with the addition of a second zipper on each vestibule. This enables you to open up the door for increased airflow and protection from sunrays if needed; most backpackers probably won't take advantage of this feature, however having it available gives you options should it ever become necessary.

All these changes add up to make a substantial improvement in both comfort and durability of the Copper Spur HV UL1, still weighing under 3 pounds despite all its modifications. It easily surpasses most lightweight tents on the market despite slightly outweighing ultralight freestanding designs like NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P or MSR Hubba Hubba 2, yet considerably lighter than heavyweight tents such as Alps Mountaineering Lynx or REI Passage.


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