Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Bikepack Review

September 8, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the big agnes copper spur hv ul1 bikepack tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that review post will be of assistance to you.

Are you in search of a tent suitable for bikepacking backpack, panniers or trailer? Look no further than Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Bikepack; its compact yet spacious dimensions make it ideal. Plus it comes equipped with either its rain fly or without.

It may not be the lightest tent, but this design strikes an excellent balance between space and weight.


Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Bikepack tent is an all-inclusive bikepacking tent specifically designed for two-wheeled adventure. At just three pounds and small enough to fit into any bike bag, this freestanding bikepacking tent comes equipped with an outdoor vestibule which provides additional storage or changing areas – it comes available as one, two, or three person versions for convenience.

The Copper Spur bikepacking version features several upgrades designed specifically to be more suitable for cycling adventures, including a dual zipper door and smaller footprint, both of which reduce weight while solution-dyed fabrics reduce energy use while increasing longevity of their fabric.

One of the major advantages of the Copper Spur's bikepacking model is its spacious side entryway, making it easy for solo or partnered bikepacking expeditions alike to enter and exit their tent with no difficulty. Setup is quick thanks to a straightforward clip-in fly system and built-in guylines.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1‘s dual zipper door design is one of its key advantages, allowing users to open or close it from either side. This design will extend its lifespan during bikepacking trips.


Along with dual zipper doors, the tent's floor is constructed of lighter and stronger solution-dyed nylon that reduces material use and increases durability while at the same time adding strength without increasing weight. Furthermore, a mix of ripstop and regular denier materials provides strength without adding weight to the structure.

The tent was specifically designed with bikepacking in mind, featuring 12″ Shortstik poles and a durable bikepacking compression stuff sack with daisy chain webbing to attach it securely to both bike frames and panniers. You can pair it with an extended footprint (sold separately) to create a vestibule floor for dry, dust-free changing and gear storage (also sold separately). Plus, additional mesh and media pockets can store more gear, along with built-in gear loft loops to connect Triangle Gear Loft for even more storage capacity!


Big Agnes did an exceptional job ensuring this tent is both well ventilated and comfortable, using waterproof rip-stop nylon fabric treated with polyurethane for extra waterproof protection from rainy camping trips. Plus, waterproof tape seals all seams preventing wet sleeping.

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Another amazing feature is the dual zipper door. They removed the large single zipper that existed on their previous UL model, replacing it with one that runs vertically from floor to roof of tent – this small change has made a big impactful difference to how sturdy this tent feels; anodized poles and plastic snap buckles have color codes so assembly of tent is simple and intuitive.

This tent may be smaller than others designed specifically for bikepacking, but it still provides ample room. Two people and their belongings can fit easily inside it; additionally, its lightweight structure fits onto any frame with ease – an excellent option for long bikepacking trips in remote areas.

If desired, tents may be pitched without their rainfly. This allows airflow more freely throughout the tent and is particularly beneficial when camping in warm/hot temperatures. As it can be more difficult to sleep without it during cooler or colder weather conditions, it is generally advised that tents be pitched with their rain fly attached for camping trips.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Bikepack tent is an ideal choice for bikepacking. Lightweight yet spacious, its numerous features make it suitable for backpacking or kayak touring as well. Although space might be tight for two people and their gear at times, its extra weight savings make up for any tightness; additionally it comes equipped with features such as rainflys, multiple vestibules and TipLok Tent Buckles to simplify setup process.


This tent is an excellent option for bikepackers looking to sleep comfortably on the trail without compromising space or comfort. It easily accommodates a sleeping bag, pad and gear; and its ventilation keeps you cool and dry even on hot summer nights. Furthermore, its weight of just 2 lbs 2 oz makes it lightweight compared to many one-person backpacking tents; though slightly smaller than other Big Agnes tents such as Lynx, Nemo Dragonfly or REI Passage but features all of its other benefits!

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This tent is easy to set up and can be moved around on the ground with no problems. Furthermore, its freestanding nature means you don't require stakes when camping – an especially helpful feature when camping in rough or windy conditions.

It features a lightweight DAC Featherlite NFL and NSL pole system that is very sturdy yet compact compared to fiberglass poles commonly found in other tents. Furthermore, this tent offers generous headroom for one person as well as two doors, making it very spacious for an individual camping trip. Furthermore, this tent comes complete with a rain fly for extra protection from inclement weather conditions.

Big Agnes designed this tent specifically for bikepacking, and it shows. The compression sack it comes in is robust enough to withstand bikepacking use and easily attaches to saddlebags or drop bars on any bicycle setup. In addition, pole segments have been reduced in length in order to minimize their interference with shifters and brakes on drop bar bikes.

Big Agnes has updated their Copper Spur HV UL1 tent to offer more interior space, while remaining light and durable thanks to sustainably-sourced materials. Plus, this revamped tent is easier than ever to set up making it perfect for bikepacking adventures – not forgetting its handy awning-style vestibule to protect gear against moisture!


If you're an avid bikepacker, the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Bikepack will prove reliable companion on all your adventures on two wheels. Additionally, its small dimensions and lightweight weight make it easy to pack into panniers or trailers, or even into handlebar bags which may save both space and weight when on your ride.

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One factor contributing to this tent's durability is the quality of its materials and construction. The main body of this tent is made from light yet tough double-ripstop nylon that's water-resistant while its fly and floor feature similar fabric with taped seams for further weatherproofing protection.

The tent features an innovative pole system designed to make its assembly quick and simple, from placing ends of tent poles in metal rings at each corner to simply snap them in place with snap hooks on either end. In addition, its poles are constructed of rigid yet lightweight material from DAC Featherlite NFL/NSL poles; thus extending durability while requiring care not to break or bend them.

Closing Thoughts

Copper Spur tents feature a spacious door and an awning vestibule to keep you protected while packing or setting up camp, offering ample sun protection as well as rain shelter. This eliminates the need to carry additional tent accessories.

This tent comes in various sizes and capacities, from a one-person version up to five person capacity models. Furthermore, its “mtnGLO” edition comes equipped with battery powered LED lights built directly into its walls that eliminate the need to carry an additional light during your ride.

Another excellent feature of this tent is that it comes with a compression stuff sack. While this bag may hold all of the accessories for this tent, its intended use is for bikepacking – you can simply strap it onto your frame or saddlebag using webbing straps! Its zipper-closure bottom makes using it effortless. I hope this overview has been helpful in seeking out more about the big agnes copper spur hv ul1 bikepack tent.

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