Best Trekking Poles for Hunting Outdoors

December 12, 2020

By Nate


Seeking the best trekking poles for hunting? If so, we are glad you have arrived here to

Going out for outdoor picnics, bonfires, hiking, hunting, etc. has always been a priority for me on vacations. All these activities are very beneficial for our body to remain healthy. Not being able to go for quite a long time, I had been searching for the best trekking poles for hunting lately.

Just to highlight the importance of trekking or walking poles while going hunting or hiking, I have a few benefits mentioned for you. Trekking poles help in evenly distributing the weight of your body and that you are carrying. Thus, not letting your legs and knees pain during your hike!

Besides, when you are climbing up the hill or going down the track, these walking poles keep you going with a strong grip on the rocky floor. In short, it would not let you tumble down or slip! Below are a few trekking poles which you would like to consider while going hunting.

TREKOLOGY Hiking Poles

TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Poles

There are so many advantages of using a trekking pole that you will be amazed to read. So, in case if you were of the thought that why use hiking poles, let me tell you that it has a very bright side to ponder on! If you want to improve your hunting and trekking experience, then do go for it.

Walking becomes more comfortable

When you walk with the help of TREKOLOGY Trek-Z trekking poles, your walking becomes relatively easier. You feel less pressure on your knees. No matter how heavy your backpack is, these trekking poles help distribute your body weight evenly. This supports a no-injury hiking experience.

No sweating on hands

Your hands need to be dry every time you are up for hunting or trekking! If this is not the case, your hand might slip in between the walk which can lead to serious injuries. To prevent any such thing from happening, there is a small wooden cork part on the stick from where you hold it.

This cork absorbs all your hand sweat and leaves it dry, making your grip stronger.

Excellent built

The quality of TREKOLOGY hiking poles is another feature to fall for. It is made with high-quality aluminum which makes it highly durable in all circumstances. To bear increased weights, it has been reinforced with metal caps. Altogether, these walking sticks are capable enough to support your knees and back!

Foldable and Customizable

If you are worried about how to carry these sticks in your backpack, the company has got you covered for it too. These hiking poles have a unique tri-fold design. By using this design, you can easily shorten the height of these walking sticks according to the height you want!

Customize it accordingly and enjoy your hunting to its fullest. Even for the elderly people, using this as their walking stick can work amazingly.

Less weight

The overall weight of both the sticks is quite less. You would not have any difficulty in carrying them in your backpack. They might feel as weightless as other stuff in your bag.


  • Sweat absorbing cork
  • Foldable design
  • Reinforced with metal caps
  • Made with aluminum


  • Slightly noisy while using

Hiker Hunger Poles

Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon FiberTrekking Pole

These trekking poles are one of those walking poles/sticks which are in high demand nowadays. You can find these sticks in black color, made as a mixture of wood cork and carbon fiber. You get an amazing feeling of relaxation on your back and knees no matter how long you hunt!

Durable and sustainable

The material used in the making of these hiking sticks is made sure to be of high quality. It is made with carbon fiber which gives it internal strength to bear heavy loads. Both, your body weight and the weight of your backpacks are equally handled by these poles.

For all seasons

There is no need for you to change your selection with the changing seasons or environmental conditions. You will find these trekking sticks helpful in all circumstances. Whether you are on mountain climbing, running down the hill, or just having a casual walk, all aspects would remain covered.

The design of the pole includes a small patch of cork too. Cork removes all the moisture from your hands and leaves them dry. This ensures a stronger grip on the poles.

For all Ages and Heights

Another attractive feature of Hiker Hunger trekking poles is their folding attitude! You can fold them to a height which you like or prefer then. If your kids are using these poles, you can adjust their height according to their heights.

All of your family members can use these regardless of their age and gender.

All accessories included

These trekking poles come along with all the necessary accessories one would wish for. Besides the EVA foam grip, there are many other things too. There is a Tungsten Carbide tip provided which helps the poles to grip the ground more strongly.

Other than that, you get a carrying bag, two snow baskets, two mud baskets, two tips, and two feet as well!


What else would you wish for if you get a three-year warranty with the Hiker Hunger trekking poles! You can now have a happing shopping with these poles with a confirmation of the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Made with Carbon fiber
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Customizable height of poles


  • Available in only black color


  1. Can a single trekking pole be used?

Yes, you can use one but two are always more beneficial.

  • Are these poles adjustable?

You can always adjust the poles according to your height.

  • Does the trekking pole support your back?

It does support your back by distributing weight evenly.

Closing Thoughts

My will to go trekking soon has dragged me to find some best trekking poles for hunting. I wish you to find the best match for yourself through this article. Make sure to list down your priorities to slim down the vast amount of products you will find otherwise.

I would prefer to select the Hiker Hunger trekking poles. They have too many attractive features and include all the accessories as well. I’ll be waiting to know your preferences as well. Do write about them in your feedback.

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