Best Trekking Poles for Backpacking

December 12, 2020

By Nate


What are the best trekking poles for backpacking? We will be discussing two of our top favorites today. Welcome to

The weather these days is just the right one for trekking. However, for hikers and trekking lovers, any time is suitable to pursue their love of solo backpacking, mountain hike, or forest trekking.

For them, every season is a call of nature; a call to sky-kissing mountains or lush green forest. Such enthusiasts are always ready with their hiking gear packed to answer nature’s call and they are often off to backpacking.

Either you are an occasional hiker, a professional one, or a first-time hiker. You can never go on your trip without a pair of trekking poles. There are a lot of options in the market and online but since it’s a serious matter. You need to be very careful before buying one.

So, I have listed a few worth-considering options for the best trekking poles for backpacking below.

HIKER Trekking Pole

Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hunger comes with a super considerate tagline that goes with “hiking gear made by hikers for hikers”. So, ensure that you are buying from the right brand. The Carbon fiber trekking poles by this brand are a must-have for every hiker out there.

Carbon body

The Hiker Hunger poles are made of 100% pure Carbon fiber. This accounts for a very portable built of these trekking poles. They are light in weight, easy to carry and go in the long run.

Not only that but in overall built, that seems are also of very high-quality.

Strong built

The built is stronger and is made to last longer. The tip is very strong and is the most integral part of these poles. It provides you the right stability for both backpacking and climbing.

The grip is designed to absorb moisture i.e. sweat immediately. Also, on the extension of the grip is the EVA foam.


This non-slip foam makes trekking a lot easier for you. Also, it serves for protecting the body and design of the poles so, you can have the Hiker Hunger poles for more trips in the future.

Collapsible design

The overall design is very convenient. It is adjustable for both adults and kids. So, it’s a great buy for your upcoming trek. For kids, you can fold it down to the least i.e. 24-inch. On the other hand, the Hiker Hunger poles extend on a maximum of 54-inch.

Lock system

The design features a very sound and secure locking system to ensure your safety. It has the clasp locking segments.  All this makes this product a value-for-money and a worth-buying option. 


Last but not the least, the number of accessories that come with the Hiker Hunger trekking poles will grab your attention. These include a carry bag, rubber feet, snow and mud baskets, and tip cover.


  • Lightweight
  • Great for long distances
  • Perfect for bulky people
  • Readjust able nuts


  • Slightly complicated locking system


Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

Next on the list is an amazing pair of trekking poles from the Cascade Mountain Tech brand. One of two of our top recommended best trekking poles for backpacking.

Aluminum body

The entire design is constructed of high-grade Aluminum, more specifically aircraft-grade Aluminum. Most people looking for trekking poles are partial towards Aluminum ones because they are light in weight and offer greater stability due to their sleek and slender design.

Compact design

The total weight of the Cascade Mountain Tech trekking poles accounts for less than a pound. More precisely it is 10.4 oz which is the most attractive feature of this product for me. While trekking or backpacking, one wants to minimize the load as much as possible.

These trekking poles are a great help on such trips and simultaneously add almost nothing to the weight you are carrying.

EVA Grips

Along with the wrist strap, the EVA grip adds to the stability of the design. This grip is very light in weight and extends to a considerable length of the pole. The cork absorbs the sweat and keeps your hands dry throughout the trek.

Quick-lock technology

The pole height is adjustable within a range of 26-inch to 54-inch. You can set it as per your requirement and lock the desired height, the locking system comes to the rescue. It is not only reliable but also responsible for your safe and sound trek.

Carbide tips

The Cascade Mountain Tech poles have a Tungsten Carbide Tip on the other lower end. A metal pole needs to have a sharp and pointed tip.

This pair of trekking poles got it right as the carbide tip at its end allows for good traction, no matter how difficult the track is.


The Cascade Mountain Tech trekking poles come with a bonus kit. This kit includes a snow basket, boots, and small rubber feet. Also, the price range is very affordable for a pair of trekking poles along with a bonus kit.

So, you know that you are making the right purchase when you decide to buy the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking poles.


  • Cheap price tag
  • Comfortable strap
  • Excellent for long hikes
  • Moisture absorbing grip


  • Slight difficulty in unlocking the locks

Closing Thoughts

I hope the above options proved helpful for everyone looking for a reliable and worthy pair of trekking poles. Always look according to your requirement and since trekking poles either make or break your trip, be very careful and specific with your purchase.

I hope you are now clearer about the best trekking poles for backpacking and you know what to buy. So, have a happy hike and stay safe!


  1. Do I need trekking poles?

Everyone needs trekking poles to be on the safe side. This is because during hiking you don’t know when your weight shift and you might lose balance as a result and fall off, which nobody wants.

  • What is the difference between two-section poles and three-section poles?

Two section poles are suitable for a casual trek, like the one across the forest. However, the three-section poles are for extreme hiking and mountaineering.

  • How hiking poles save your knees?

Hiking poles shift the weight in the forward direction. This should also be done by the hiker at the same time to reduce strain on the knees.

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