Best Tent Stakes to Invest in for the Outdoors

December 16, 2020

By Nate


What are the best tent stakes to spend your hard earned money on? We cover two of our top picks in this post. Welcome to

No doubt, tent stakes are necessary for keeping your tents secured on the ground as well as for keeping you safe in every type of weather. As you know a good foundation builds up a strong building and the same is the case with camping.

If your tent stake is not strong enough then your tent can’t withstand the harshness of weather. That’s why it is important to choose the best tent stakes for an enjoyable trip. With the advancement in material sciences, tent pegs have also evolved and now these are available in various types.

Furthermore, you have to go through extensive research for choosing the right tent stakes therefore, to save your time and effort I came up with this article. It will give you complete information on this topic, so without any further delay, let’s start!

SE Pegs

SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs

Do you want to have an exciting trip during a wind thunderstorm? Or just looking for the best tent stakes or high wind? Well, whatever the case may be SE heavy-duty metal tent pegs are the best choice and is on the top of this list because of their amazing features.

Strong Anchorage

The purpose of using tent stakes is to give strong anchorage to our canopies and tents. And this is what; these tent pegs do hence, no matter how speedy the winds are, your tent will stay in place because of their strong support.

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Also, these tent stacks come in a pack of ten so you don’t have to worry about purchasing these again and again as these are adequate for your use. This tent stake is made up of metallic material which provides a strong shaft.

Unique Design

Speaking about their design, these have a large stopper head along with sharp pointed tips. Therefore, you can easily and quickly insert these into rocks, sands, or grassy grounds for making a strong base for your tents.

Steel can easily rust but these stakes are made up of heavy-duty galvanized steel which provides it resistance against corrosion. It not only looks stylish due to its unique design but is also very useful and best for using as tent stakes. 

Glowing Stakes

Most of the injuries happen due to the dark environment out there and to have safe camping it’s necessary to have some good light sources. The amazing feature of these stakes is that they glow at night and make the scene clear for you so, what else you could ask for?


These stakes are very versatile and can be used in windy, sandy, rocky, or grassy grounds. Also, the metal stakes come with an eyelet on the stopper which you can use for attaching hooks, ropes, and other anchorage materials.

However, these stakes glow for a short time but that will enough for protecting you from trip-over accidents during night-time. Additionally, their glowing plastic parts are vulnerable to breakage but you can use these for camping, picnics, canopies, and garden structures.

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  • Flat stopper head with a pointed tip
  • Glow in dark
  • Has stinging eyelet
  • Metallic construction


  • Heads are prone to breakage
  • Only glow for a short time

MSG Stakes

MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes

Mostly those stakes which come with the tent are of cheap quality and you might have a hard time fixing those into the ground. Therefore, my advice is that don’t compromise quality over price and go for MSR groundhog tent stakes as these are the best tent stakes for rocky ground.

Elegant Construction

These tent stakes are made up of extruded aluminum and because of this, their price is high. To give you an idea, extrusion is an old and inexpensive process for turning aluminum into various desired shapes.

With that being said, they have superior quality so overall these are a great product for the price. If you use them carefully along with following proper instructions then these can be used for long times without any difficulty.

Easy to Insert

With their “Y” shaped design, MSR ground stakes are very easy to insert into the ground and don’t require much effort. Their lightweight and compact structure offer great holding power to secure your tent. Perfect for camping.

The above-mentioned stakes are not only easy to insert but also easy to remove because of their nylon corded loop which is attached with them. Hence, you can easily remove these stakes without the fear of hurting your hands.


Although these stakes are lightweight 7000 series aluminum is used in making them hence, these are very strong. You might have experienced that other stakes bent or become useless after using one or two times in camping but these stakes are durable.

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This means that once you buy these, you can use them for years therefore, you don’t need to waste money on other cheap and low-quality stakes. 

Very Secure

MSR ground stakes have a notch on the top with which you can attach guy lines for extra security. Moreover, their twisty surface gives them strong holding power for staying into hard and rocky grounds. The pack comes with 6 stacks in which each has 7.5 lengths.

You can also use them in volcanic soil as they go deep into the soil and give good anchorage. Furthermore, these can stay held in their place for three days hence; you don’t have to worry about fixing and setting your tent repeatedly.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to remove
  • Can withstand in every type of ground


  • Less warranty product


Fit tent stakes provide firm and strong anchorage to your tent and that’s why it is important to choose your tent stakes carefully. To enjoy your time in the wilderness, it is mandatory to carry strong, efficient but lightweight stakes with you.

To help you in this, I wrote this article and I hope it will guide you to choose the best tent stakes and MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes is the best option for you. 

 If you find this article helpful then share and don’t forget to give your valuable feedbacks in the comments. 

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