Best Tent Pegs to Invest in

December 20, 2020

By Nate


What are the best tent pegs to invest in for your outdoor adventures? Welcome to We're glad you have arrived.

When the season starts, finding the best accessories and tools for camping becomes the foremost and ultimate thought of a person. Nowadays, there are many companies introducing their tents with extraordinary and updated versions. 

A person must have the most suitable and necessary pieces of equipment to use these high-level tents. Principally, the pegs should always be according to the tent's quality because the erectness of a secure and perfect tent totally depends upon the staking materials. 

One should carry the best tent pegs while going out to enjoy camping. Only the tent's pegs will stretch and secure your tent into the ground.

It is common that many or most of the tents come with proper accessories, including the tent pegs. But, can anyone tell how many times you can use the same pegs? You will need to change them even after using them with extreme caution. Sooner or later, you'll feel the need to get the best tent pegs again for your tent. 

But before that, you need to understand many things regarding the best tent pegs, and we'll discuss them all in detail. 

How Do You Get a Tent Peg in Hard Ground?

Sometimes people have to face a difficult task after covering a long journey. The difficult task is finding the right place to put up the tent. Yes, it is a very common problem that 50% of campers face because it is difficult to put up a tent on a hard surface. Sometimes the task of finding the right place can be irritating because you need to take some rest. But, if you are not able to find the right place after a lot of searches, you need to put up the tent over the hard ground.

The hard ground offers the problem of setting the pegs into it. There is a second option. You can make the hard ground soft for staking your tent. Yes, softening the hard ground enables you to set up your tent in an easy way.

We are going to list some points through which you or anyone can easily set his/ her pegs into a hard surface.

  • Pour some water at the spots where you want to stake your pegs.
  • After waiting for a few minutes, you will see a little bit of wet and soft surface.
  • Hit this place with something heavy.
  • Now, you can easily set your peg into this soft area of the ground.
  • You can also place some heavy pebbles or rocks around your pegs to keep them secure. 
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So, this was a very simple way through which you can change a hard area into a soft spot. At this type of porous and soft spot, you can adjust your pegs easily.

Do Tents Come with Pegs?

Yes, almost all the tents come with metal tent pegs that can easily adjust into the ground to keep your tent in shape. Companies try to give the best pegs that can suit all types of grounds. They have sharp ends that make it easy to push them into the ground in an angled manner. But still, you need to buy some extra pegs. One set of pegs can work for a long time but not for the rest of the tent's life. You will certainly need to buy new pegs after some time.

Moreover, people should also carry some extra pegs with them on the way to their journey. In any case of mishappening, they will have the option to use the extras.

Pegs come with the tent's set, but you should buy your own also. It will be great for you while camping out.

How Do You Remove Tent Pegs?

Removing the tent pegs are necessary as setting them up. It needs force as well as the right technique to remove a strongly staked peg. After learning how to set a tent peg, you should also be informed about the removal of those pegs. 

Removing pegs just looks difficult, but it will be very easy if you come to know about the fantastic trick that we are going to tell you. 

Take anything long and hooked. Place the hook into the bent part of the peg and twist them until it leaves the ground's grip. Now, pull out the peg by using your hand or any other tool. It will easily come out of the ground, and you will not feel any difficulty.

What Can You Use Instead of Tent Pegs?

First of all, we would like to recommend using the best tent pegs for having secure and non-irritating camping. But if you want to use anything else instead of pegs, then the long metaled screws can fulfill your requirement. 

You can easily purchase the metal screws from any tool store. The metal screws have a long length with a sharp edge or corner through which it can easily set into the ground using some heavy hits. 

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Keeping a little part out of the ground, you can easily wrap your tent's edge with the nail and secure it into the ground. 

How Many Tent Stakes Do I Need?

In normal conditions, one peg for each corner would be enough. You can use the pegs according to the corners of your tent. Usually, tents have four corners, so only four pegs can fulfill your requirement. But some tents also have some extensions more than the other, in order to support the tent with more pegs. Other than this, if you feel the danger of any strong wind or storm, you can use two pegs on each corner for better grip and security. 

Keep in mind that you need to secure the peg strongly into the ground. A short upper portion of the peg would be out of the ground. This little portion will bind your tent in a more secure way.

What Are the Best Tent Pegs for Sand?

There are many options out there. The best pegs are those that are made up of metal. The metal with corrosion-free property would be best. You can use those even in the rain. Any unwanted rain will not disturb the quality of the tent pegs.

The pegs with a sharp corner will work well. They will easily move into the soil, even on hard ground. Moreover, try to pick the ones that have a little bent or hooked shape at the outer corner.  

Here are some options that you can pick without any worries or hesitation. All the pegs that we are going to show you have the ability to show the best performance.


Hikemax 7075 Aluminum Tent Stakes

For those who like effective products with lightweight materials, it would be the best tent pegs for them. These stakes have a bent shape at the upper corner. The bent shape will help you to remove the pegs from the ground. It will also be good to attach the tent's extended rope or fabric with them.

These are made up of an aluminum alloy of 6000 series. Due to this characteristic, these will be very safe for having a long-time camping. They will not break and will not give you any problem during your rest time.

Also, they have red color due to which you can easily find them even in the long grass. They will not disappear in the dense grassy ground. These pegs are very lightweight with 7 inches of length and a sharp corner shape at the bottom side. They come in a safe pouch and have a full money-back guarantee. 

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  • Lightweight
  • Effective
  • Strong grip

SE Stakes

SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stake 

These pegs are made up of steel; therefore, they can remain in their shape even after hitting them with a heavyweight or hammer. These peg's metal is corrosion-free, so you can wash them after use.

Due to its heavy strength and sharp edge, it can easily stand by hard winds and storms. These pegs will stretch your tent in all types of weather conditions.

Furthermore, the upper screw style will be very effective in order to catch the tent's ropes or extension in the correct way. It is a pack of ten pegs, and we think only one pack is enough for your whole tour. 

The head part (stoppers in green color) is made up of PVC. It holds the rope through its grip.

Overall, they can become the best tent pegs for your camping. The main reason is that they are easy to fit and easy to remove. They never offer any difficulty. That's why people like to use them mostly.


  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Have sharp edges


  • Any hit can break the head stoppers.


EXPLOMOS Tent Stakes

These pegs are the best tent pegs because of many reasons. The above-mentioned products are also worthy of use, but this one is exceptional.

The main reason why we like these pegs is that their upper part is unique and attractive. Each peg contains a hole at the upper portion in which a person can tie his tent's rope or extension. 

The whole peg is made up of metal. They possess a nail-like shape with a very sharp edge through which one can easily push them into the ground. That's why they are considered the best tent pegs. 

Each pack contains ten pegs that would be enough for securing a tent into the ground. They are 11.8 inches in length, and you can fix a suitable part into the ground for having strong security. These pegs are made up of steel but are very lightweight. One can easily carry them in his carrying bag.


  • Easy to anchor 
  • Lightweight
  • Strong pegs

Closing Thoughts

Finding the best tent pegs would be very easy for everyone after reading this article. Carrying and using the best tent pegs is very important. All the strength of the tent depends upon the peg's durability. The three most demanding pegs that are considered the best tent pegs are discussed here. This article will help you to choose your best tent pegs for anchoring your tent strongly into the ground. 

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