Best Sleeping Bag on a Budget (2023 Review)

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking the best sleeping bag on a budget? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. Our goal is to provide some suggestions to help ensure your outdoor adventure is successful. Who has time for spending hard earned money on a sleeping bag that isn't legitimate? We know we don't. Our goal with this post is to share with some of our top recommended sleeping bags for those on a budget.

You can still get a good night's sleep under the stars without losing your bank account over it. The below listed sleeping bags are easy to use, portable and feature varying temperature ratings. The good news is most of them are only a few hundred dollars. So, let's get started with some camping adventure tips.

Types Of Sleeping Bags

There are numerous types of sleeping bags that are available in the market place. Below are a few of the shapes that may suit you best.

Rectangle shape – the most traditional sleeping bags which make for the best sleeping bag on a budget are rectangular in shape. They leave plenty of room for the user. In addition, you can also find backpacking version sleeping bags as well. Also, you can use them as a quilt which can also be unzipped entirely if need be.

Mummy shape – Perfect for keeping you warm as well as lightweight. Also, the mummy shaped sleeping bag will let the user roll with the bag. So, you have more room to adjust yourself as needed within the bag.

Semirectangle shape – The sleeping bag shaped like a rectangle is similar to the mummy and rectangle shaped sleeping bag. So, it functions similar to these two. Semitrectangular bags are great for warmth and roominess. In addition, these sleeping bags are also known as barrel, spoon or modified mummy sleeping style bags.

Double shape – Double shaped sleeping bags are not as common. These bags are used for couples that are seeking to sleep together. You can find these types of sleeping bags shaped like a semirectangular or rectangle bag. You can zip two of the same bags together to form a double bag. Of course, this may not be ideal for some users. That being said, there are campers and hikers out there who would prefer a bag like this to be with their loved one.

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Quilt shape – The quilt shaped sleeping bag is not as common. These sleeping bags are very weight efficient and feature an open-back design that wraps its way around the sleeping pad. You can find these types of sleeping bags with people who are seeking ultralight usage and a reliable and highly compressible option.

What is the Best Material for a Sleeping Bag?

The best material for a sleeping bag is nylon, taffeta and polyester. Hikers and campers alike usually look for sleeping bags that feature ventilation, warmth and comfort. Below are some features that you may want to consider in your quest to find the best sleeping bag on a budget.

Sleeping Bag Shell: you want a sleeping bag that is made out of nylon, polyester or taffeta. That being said, there are canvas shell bags available within the marketplace. In fact, there are some listed below for your review. Shells should be durable and water repellent to ensure you remain dry and comfortable in all conditions.

Lining: The interior of your sleeping bag is essential for comfort and warmth. The lining should be soft, like polyester taffeta. You will also find some sleeping bags that use fabrics similar to cotton to make it feel as though you are in bed.

Insulation: Also known as down or the plumage that you can find underneath the exterior feathers. Also, the polyester-like materials found in most sleeping bags. Down is warm, highly compressible and lightweight. So, it is resistant to being damp and is also highly affordable. Lastly, the synthetic insulation will ensure you stay warm and dry regardless the weather conditions.

Whats a Good Price for a Sleeping Bag?

The bags listed below are right around $200 USD. Again, you get what you pay for. So, if you are not on a budget then aim for the best. That being said, the best sleeping bag on a budget options listed below still bring with them all the essentials. What are some other features of sleeping bags you need to consider? Below are 4 more areas to look out for.

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Draft Collar: Also known as neck baffle, draft collar is the neck seal found inside the main compartment of most sleeping bags. This will ensure to keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures locking in heat. In addition, preventing heat from escaping through the zippers of the sleeping bag you are using.

Hood: You will find this feature in most mummy shaped sleeping bags. The hood wraps around your head. In addition, it works to increase warmth by trapping heat within the bag. Also, the hoot is also features drawstrings which will keep them clamped down for snugness.

Liner: Works to add in warmth and snugness for any hiker or camper. In fact, most liners works to improve temperature ratings by as much as 25 degrees fahrenheit.

Stash Pocket: Pockets within sleeping bags are perfect for holding essentials like headlamps, pins, cell phones, notebooks, pocket knives and other essential items you'll need when camping.

Kelty Cosmic 20

Photo Credit: Kelty

Below are some of the feature of the Kelty Cosmic 20 sleeping bag making it one of the best sleeping bag on a budget options people have.

  • Thermal Efficiency: The Kelty cosmic 20 sleeping bag is traprezoidal in shape which is perfect for ensuring heat stays trapped within it. The Kelty sleeping bad is perfect for thermal effectiveness at any campsite.
  • Highly Portable and lightweight: The Kelty cosmic 20 sleeping bag will ensure you remain warm and dry. In addition, it compressible so very easy to store and pack up as needed
  • Budget friendly: The sleeping bag is also reasonably priced for 2022. So, budget friendly for all beginner to advanced level campers or hikers. Sleep comfortably regardless where you are setting up your tent at.
  • Double Zippers: The Kelty features locking, dual zippers which includes an anti-snag draft tube. You can unzip the sleeping bag from the bottom too. So, let your feet hang out as needed. You can also store your cell phone, notebooks or headlamps with its internal, zippered stash pockets. 
  • High quality: The Kelty brand has been around since 1952. So, you get a legitimate sleeping bag at an affordable prices. Perfect for men, women and children. The Kelty brand is headquartered in beautiful Colorado. 
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ALPS Mountaineering Blaze Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bag on a budget
Photo Credit: ALPS
  • Perfect for the camper seeking comfort and warmth. This mummy shaped sleeping bag makes it one of the best sleeping bag on a budget options available to consumers. It also features a tech loft silver insulation made out of synthetic, single-hole, highly compressible and lightweight material.
  • Made out of polyester, durable riptop shell guaranteeing warmth and snugness. In addition, also comfortable and soft lining for outdoor enthusiasts who demand comfort.
  • Features zipper baffles and insulated chest for added insulation, warmth and heat retention.
  • Made by the ALPS brand. ALPS has been around since 1993 and is focused on providing outdoor enthusiasts the very best in quality for high performance. They also create products for waterfowl, outdoor and mountaineering.

Big Agnes King Solomon 15

Photo Credit: Big Agnes

We call this the king of all deals for the best sleeping bag on a budget options for outdoor enthusiasts. Again, you always get what you pay for. So, if you want the very best in comfort and warmth this Big Agnes tops them all. Below are some of the many features this sleeping bag can bring to you.

Features a water-repellent, 650 downtek PFC-free down to ensure 100 percent insulation. It is also rated to 15 degrees F. Remember, the big agnes should not be used without a sleeping pad (which is sold seperately)

The Big Agnes maintains its insulation and there is no slippage when it comes to sleeping on your sleeping pad thanks to its flex pad technology. It accommodates numerous pad widths and makes for easy connection between the bag and your pad. In addition, it features stretch capability using bluesign chemistry to ensure insulation.

Also, it is highly portable and works to reduce pack size and weight. In addition, will fit 2, single pads at 20 to 25×72 inches or double wide pad at 40×72 inches. The Big Agnes has a 2-person capacity and only weighs 4 pounds, 5 ounces. Compressed it is only 7 inches by 8 inches and can feet two people up to 6 feet tall. The sleeping bad also features a polyester rip-stop shell and is water resistant.

Big Agnes is also made out of comfortable, taffeta, polyester lining and features a mesh, polyester stuff sack for packing additional items like your cell phone, headlamp and other items.

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