Best Hatchet for Backpacking in the Wild

December 9, 2020

By Nate


What is the best hatchet for backpacking in the outdoors. This is question we get asked often here at TradClimbers.

Have you ever tried going on a tour with all your friends on a low budget? If yes then I am quite sure you must be familiar with all the essentials required in a proper backpack. Individuals, especially bachelors just love to go camping or trekking on short vacations.

You should be well equipped with all the necessary items otherwise you will miserably fail to enjoy your picnic! Hatchet is one of the many important objects that you need to carry in your backpack.

In this article, all the ins and outs of the best hatchet for backpacking are highlighted. I have made sure to make your work easy by shortlisting a few. Always make sure that the product which you are buying serves the true purpose rather than just wasting your money.

Below you can find the ones which will not put you in the physical stress of carrying an extremely heavy bag!

Fiskars Hatchet

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet

One of the most reliable companies which make highly durable hatchet is Fiskars. You will be more than happy to buy Fiskars hatchet for yourself once you get to know its amazing features. Light weightiness, sleek design, and a sharp blade are a few of its many highlights!

Blade quality

The quality of the cutting edged blade is truly amazing. You get sleek cutting without interruption! The design of these blades is such that there is more increased contact between the wood and the blade. This results in fine cuts.

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Smooth chopping

You can easily chop a wide log with the Fiskars' hatchet. Not only logs, but the kindling also gets chopped smoothly. So be stress-free while camping or hiking and enjoy the bonfire!

Less Strength Required

The hatchet is quite low in weight, therefore, relatively easy for you to carry and cut. You do not need to apply extraordinary forces on it for chopping the wood logs. It is designed in a way that its weight is widely distributed. This allows you to chop more genuinely with a mere high swing.

Hard to break

Not to forget about the strength of this hatchet, let me tell you that it's very difficult to break it. Let alone breaking it, you cannot even separate its parts! Yes, you read it correctly. The FiberComp handles which it possesses are stronger than steel.

Un-interrupted actions

The blades of Fiskars hatchet are coated such that it produces minimal friction. This allows you to cut easily without struggling to remove the hatchet blade from the logs. That is, it does not stick between chopping cycles!

No physical straining

The making of the blade of these hatchets consists of a proprietary chopping technique. This technique makes sure that every time you hit the hatchet on the log, it penetrates deeper into it. Thus, each time you get closer to the separation of the wood log. And there is no straining of your arms and shoulders.


Fiskars Company provides a lifelong warranty for its customers! This proves that it has excellent customer service care. You can undoubtedly lounge a complaint against this product if you do not like it. The overall weight of this hatchet is 1.38 pounds.

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  • Less weight
  • FiberComp handles
  • Proprietary blades
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Slippery handles

HusQvarna Hatchet

Husqvarna 13″ Wooden Hatchet

The husqvarna 13″ Wooden hatchet had a very unique and subtle design. You can use it for various purposes like camping, hiking, trekking, bonfires, and some outdoor garden get to gathers! In short, you can call it the best survival hatchet one can get for them.

Design of the hatchet

The overall design of the Husqvarna wooden hatchet includes the making of its head with the help of hammers. Perfect for your backpacking adventures. That is, the head of this hatchet is hand-forged! The handle, on the other hand, is made of wood. The wood used in its making is hickory. The handle has a curve-shaped design for holding comfortably.

The cutting edge

As the head of the hatchet is hand-forged, the hammer marks on it are highly appreciable. The blade or the cutting edge is sharp enough to cut a big of a medium-sized wood log. You can also use it for chopping the kindling.

If anytime in the future the sharpness of the blade blunts down, you can use a blade sharpener to make it as sharp as it was before use!

Wooden Handle

The handle of the Husqvarna hatchet is purely made of wood, that too, hickory wood. I am sure you must be aware of the strength of this wood. The curve provided on the handle is for your easy handling. It nicely fits on the curve of your hand while griping it and thus, does not cause any strain while applying pressure on wood logs.

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The leather sheath

As you know that leaving the cutting edge uncovered can lead to many unwanted mishaps. Therefore, these parts must stay covered all the time until needed to be used. For this purpose, a leather sheath is provided along with a wooden hatchet.

This sheath is small and compact and tightly fits on the cutting blade of the hatchet! You will simply fall in love with this product as soon as you get it in your hands.

Best for everyday use

Before buying, you might think of using this wooden hatchet for some specific work needs. But after it enters your daily routine, you will notice that it has more to serve you than you ever thought!

You can use it for daily household work too. Daily gardening tasks can easily be done with it.


  • Hand-forged cutting blade
  • Hickory wood handle
  • Protective Leather sheath


  • Heavy compared to other hatchets

Closing Thoughts

If you were thinking to make a camping plan with your friends lately, this is the right time to execute it! Get your hand on the best hatchet for backpacking and enjoy your trip. For me, Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet seems a cherry on top when it comes to its less weight. And of course, its strength of being inseparable too!

Do invest a lot of time in the research before you finalize your backpacking hatchet. This will save you from a lot of hassle. See you next time with another mind-boggling topic.

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