Best Gym Climbing Shoes | 2023 Review

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Seeking the best gym climbing shoes to wear during your indoor climbing adventures? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

If you're playing cricket, then you need cricket footwear to make your game perfect. Since some sports and outdoor games require specific footwear, and the same applies to gym climbing. Because of climbing, you need a strong grip on your shoes. In that case, you can't wear shoes like sneakers or stiletto's which offers almost zero grips. Therefore, if you are thinking to do climbing or if you want to join a climbing gym, you just need to make sure that you have got the right gear for it, and it begins with the gym climbing shoes. An ideal gym climbing shoe should have a low friction builder at the bottom and a strong grip to help your body when climbing a wall or something like that. These shoes are also great for trad climbing and hiking in the snow.

Usually, shoes that are made for a specific game aren't good in terms of comfort. So it's better not to expect comfort from these types of shoes. When you wear a good gym climbing shoe, it'll feel as if it's too tight. But actually, it's not right, it's a sign of a good climbing shoe. Because that's what makes them ideal for climbing rocks, walls, or gyms. However, a stiff sole will provide enough friction to stick your shoes firmly against the wall through your body weight. We know you’re reading this because you are interested in climbing shoes and if you’re looking for some best gym climbing shoes, below we’ve mentioned some of the best gym climbing shoes just for you! So let’s get into it!

Cosyzone Gym Shoes

These Gym Climbing shoes from Cosyzone are ideal for any outdoor activity including gym climbing. Whether you're doing indoor or outdoor climbing, these shoes are the perfect companion for your climbing. Surprisingly, these shoes come with 3 stainless steel iron plates at the bottom. A total of 18 sharp teeth are welded in the plate which is very useful in creating friction and significantly reduces the chances of slipping.

Furthermore, the plates are stuck to the sole through a metal chain. When it comes to the upper part which is made from industrial grade high-quality Plastic Elastomer (TPE) which gives you more flexibility.

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The TPE material is known for its high strength, water-resistant, long-lasting ability, and extremely high durability. Also, the shoes are completely weather and IP68 water-resistant so that you can use them anywhere you want without worrying about them. With the ability to withstand 65 to -41 degrees Celsius, you can take it to any part of the world. In addition, these shoes are also a great companion in fishing, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and any outdoor activities. It's not wrong to say that these shoes are one of the most terrifying and heavy-duty climbing shoes ever made in the world. That's the reason why we've listed it the No.1. 

Five Ten Climbers

The five ten climbing shoes are one of the best and long-lasting sports shoes. In addition, they won't break your bank account. These are good for people who climb a lot or for those who are professional climbers. The shoes are designed in such a way that one can easily climb a steep or vertical wall without worrying about slipping.

When it comes to the material, the bottom sole is made from high-quality synthetic material. In addition, the synthetic sole is built from man-made material such as EVA and PVC. There are fewer possibilities to leave scuff marks in synthetic soles. Synesthetic soles The upper part is made from a Cowdura material.

We know that most of the people didn't know about the Cowdura. A Cowdura is a strong and durable material that is made from a mixture of nylon and cotton. Cowdura is known for its strong, weather-proof, long-lasting, and high water-resistant capabilities. That's why it's used in most of the premium sports shoes. However, due to its upper material, it’s likely to be more comfortable as compared to most of the climbing shoes. In addition to its comfort, it will give you a strong grip and strong support of your legs while climbing.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Climbing shoes are the best shoes if you’re looking for some branded gear. The fabric used in the shoes is unique and high-quality which will give you an optimal performance during climbing. The shoes are designed to give your feet a good breath to prevent your feet from sweating and getting damaged, especially in hot weather.

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The fabric comes in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose your favorite color, respectively. The shoes will provide you with ideal friction that will hold your body firmly against the wall or rock.

The 4.3 mm sole is made of premium TPE material which will give you a strong grip from the bottom and you are less likely to slip even in wet conditions. Due to its thick 4.3 mm sole which lets it lasts for longer and able to endure extremely rough conditions easily without being damaged. The sole is capable to produce 12F friction where your normal shoe sole can only create a maximum of 8F of friction is the most important force you need while climbing.

The more friction your footwear creates, the more effectively you will be able to climb. So, above all, a good shoe is one that creates more friction. The blessing is that these shoes come with laces which lets you easily adjust the width according to your size.

Scarpa Vapor V

Scarpa Vapor V Gym Climbing Shoes are the solution to all steep climbing. Comes with. If you do a lot of climbing or bouldering, then these shoes are a perfect choice for you. Moreover, Daniel woods who is known as a professional and expert climber uses these shoes for his climbing. Which proves how nice and durable these shoes are.

One of the main reasons by which these shoes are supreme for climbing is that its sole is tilted to 30 degrees. This tilt design sets your feet into a sturdier, more powerful position than neutral soles, helping you climb more puzzling routes efficiently.

The bottom side of the sole is made from synthetic material which is generally made from nylon with a mixture of cotton. As nylon is weatherproof, long-lasting, durable, high in strength, and excellent in producing friction. So that the sole part of the shoes contains all the above-mentioned features.

Lastly, the upper part of the shoes is made from Microsuede. Microsuede is a human-made polyester material, prepared up of millions of precise fine microfibers. In addition, it looks like real suede leather. That being said, it is a pure man-made artificial leather containing all the abilities of real suede. Microsuede is quite better and durable than suede and is more resistant to stains and tear.

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MORENDL Climbing Shoes

The morendl climbing shoes are on of our top picks for the best gym climbing shoes for 2021 and beyond.

There's no shock that Daniel Woods voted these gym climbing shoes as one of the best and good shoes for gym hiking. These high-performance shoes are the top of their game for over a decade because of their features and extreme flexibility. These shoes consist of everything that a gym climber can expect from a premium flagship sports shoe. The shoes are built to handle steep walls or rocks by providing producing friction and firm support so that a climber can climb steep hills easily.

Unlike other climbing shoes, these shoes are quite different from them. First of all, you'll notice that its design is somewhat similar to typical joggers but besides its design, it consists of all the abilities of real climbing shoes. The sole of the shoe is made from synthetic rubber which isn't good at producing friction against the medium. To cover this major problem, the manufacturer has put un-equal gaps in the sole just like a car tire which makes it easier for you to climb a wall more easily. Moreover, the shoes will let you walk on un-even surfaces like rocky or muddy surfaces easily.

Take Gym Climbing Shoes

These outdoor sports shoes by taking brand are excellent for gym climbing or any outdoor activity. It'll give optimal performance while climbing the wall. Comes with integrated crampons that prevent any kind of slips, falls and keep the shoes in their place. Each crimper has 10 spikes of stainless steel attached to it which will then be attached to the sole of the shoe. The spikes will give you extremely strong friction and there's no chance of slipping even on the ice surface. 

The crampons are very easy to install and by removing them, the shoes can be used just like a normal jogger. The upper part of the shoes is made from synthetic rubber, which is completely weather resistant and water proof. To avoid any kind of swelling and fungus, the shoe will allow your feet to breathe easily, so you can wear it for a long time without any worries.

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