Best Filtered Water Bottle For Hiking

July 28, 2021

By Nate


Seeking the best filtered water bottle for hiking? If so, we are glad you have made it here to Trad Climbers. Welcome.

Hikers can’t go without water, and when they’re on the trail, finding a fresh source of clean water is not always easy. It’s essential to have plenty of fresh drinking water with you during your hike, but carrying heavy bottles around all day can be exhausting. The solution? A filtered water bottle! These handy devices are perfect for hiking because they filter up to 100 gallons of tap or stream water so that you don’t have to worry about where your next drink will come from. 

In this “Best filtered water bottle for hiking” post, we will highlight some of the best-filtered water bottles on Amazon for the guaranteed safety of your drinking water. Keep reading to find out the most highly rated brands. 

Lifestraw Bottle

1. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

The LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle has an activated carbon filter and membrane microfilter, which are effective in purifying up to 100 L and 4000 L. This means that you will be able to enjoy safe drinking water for many hiking expeditions to come. In addition, this water bottle is very effective in protecting you against 99.99% of parasites, microplastics and bacteria. This durable water bottle can hold a water volume of up to 650 ml and is conveniently light in weight. It weighs just about 1.4 pounds and is made of plastic to ensure maximum portability. With this filtered bottle you can safely drink water and remain refreshed during your hike! Are you coffee drinker? You may want to check out our coffee maker review.


  • It is light in weight and is portable
  • Can purify water for a considerably long period
  • Protects you from bacteria, microplastics, and parasites due to double filter membranes
  • The bottle has impressive sturdiness and will not get damaged easily from falls


-The LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle’s membrane is made of microfilter, which lasts up to 4 000 L. It has an activated carbon filter that lasts up to 100 L of water, after which its effectiveness diminishes. In addition, it can only be able to do this if the bottle is properly maintained. 

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-It is a bit harder to suck through the straw than with a traditional water bottle

-Water leaks when you tip the water bottle towards you to drink or when you turn it upside down 

-This water bottle does not hold as much water as you may wish

JoyPur Bottle

Joypur Collapsible Filtered Water Bottle

The joypur Collapsible Filtered Water Bottle is another amazing water bottle that will provide you with safe water for drinking during your hike. It has a 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane that guarantees that particles larger than 0.01 microns will not find a way into your water! It is foldable, light in weight, and small in size that ensuring maximum portability and compactness to fit easily in your pocket. The joypur Collapsible Filtered Water Bottle can filter water from most sources that include rivers, streams, springs, and even lakes. Therefore, this filtered water bottle can provide you with clean water for drinking regardless of the source of water that is near you. The ultrafiltration membrane can be effectively used for a volume of up to 2000 L before it needs to be replaced.


-Has an ultrafiltration membrane that will assist you to have safe water for drinking

-It has maximum portability due to its small size and lightweight

-Foldable for easy storage even in your pocket

-It has a design that makes it easy to retrieve water from most sources, e.g., rivers, streams, and lakes

-This filter bottle has no aftertaste, and it is considerably easy to clean


-The ultrafiltration membrane is only effective for a volume of up to 2000 L

-The 0.01-micron membrane does not guarantee particles will not get into your water. It is only effective for particles larger than 0.01 microns.

-Not a very durable filter bottle and may get punctured easily

-It has a relatively slower flow rate than many other filters

-The top does not tighten completely, making the bottle prone to leaks

-This water bottle will not hold as much water as you may want

Wellfast Bottle

Wellfast Outdoor Filtered Water Bottle for Hiking

The Wellfast Outdoor Filtered Water Bottle for Hiking comes with an Ahlstrom Disruptor adsorptive technology which goes a long way in giving you safe water to drink. This is because this technology is effective at filtering out contaminants in your water to keep it free from impurities. However, it simultaneously lets in healthy minerals that are essential in giving your water a good taste as well! The Wellfast Outdoor Filtered Water Bottle for Hiking can be used to purify and store water gotten from any source. This guarantees that you will never find yourself in that dreaded situation where you are extremely thirsty but lack clean and safe drinking water. Whether you are near a lake or river, this water bottle has got your back! It will convert water from these sources into drinking water that will help you to hydrate your body. 

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-Filters impurities and lets in healthy minerals through selective filtration

-Converts water from any source into drinking water

-This water bottle is made of a flexible material which makes it very compact and easy to pack

-Helps you to keep all the healthy minerals in your water

-It can improve the taste of your water


-The size of the pores on the filter is 1.25 microns. This means that particles that are smaller than the pores can still find their way into your water. 

-It filters just about 450 liters of water, and then you have to change the filter

-It does not hold a lot of water, i.e., has a small capacity

GRAYL Bottle

GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

The GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle is one of the most highly-rated water purifier bottles on the Amazon platform! It offers you a lot of convenience by giving you a chance to enjoy clean and safe drinking water regardless of which water source is near you. It is, therefore, a vital accessory to carry with you to a hiking expedition, camping trip, or hunting session with your buddies.

The GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle will improve the smell, taste, and even clarity of your water. This is because it can filter out particles such as silt and microplastics, chemicals such as chlorine and chloroform, and even heavy metals such as lead and chromium. This water bottle can purify and store 750 ml of water very fast and with considerable ease. It also comes with a replaceable purifier cartridge that is effective at purifying water of up to a volume of 250 L. 


-Can purify water from almost any source

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-It provides you with “clear” water that has an improved smell and taste.

-it takes little time to purify water

-This bottle is relatively easy to clean


-This water bottle can only purify and hold water of up to a volume of 750 ml at a time

-It has a purifier cartridge that is only effective at purifying water of up to a volume of 250 L. 

-This water bottle can only filter fresh water

-It presents a challenge during filing because the top and the bottom pieces cannot be easily separated

-It gets damaged relatively easily and can break with just a tiny fall

-The large diameter of the filter can make the process of unscrewing it rather difficult, especially for those with small hands

Epic Water Bottle

Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG

The Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG should be your water bottle of choice whenever you wish to go for a hiking expedition. This water bottle comes with amazing filters that will make you wave goodbye to those water purification tablets and allow you to save up the cash you would have spent on them! The Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG will give you up to 100 gallons of clean water, thereby ensuring you will not suffer from prolonged thirsty spells during your hiking expeditions. It can filter out bacteria, lead, chlorine, microplastics, etc. Purified water resulting from the Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG water bottle has a relatively better taste and smell compared to many filtered water bottles out there! 


-Can filter out a lot of components, e.g., bacteria, microplastics, and chlorine

-It can filter a massive volume of 100 gallons

-Produces water with a relatively good taste and smell

-It is relatively easy to suck water up the straw

-The filter on this water bottle is highly durable 

-It has a considerably sturdy feel to it and will not get damaged easily upon falling


-It may not guarantee you 100% clean water

-Can only hold up 32oz at a time

-This water bottle is prone to leaks, especially when the bottle is tipped or turned upside down

-You can only drink up to a certain point after which you start “sucking air,” i.e. when the water drops below the filter

We hope this post on the best filtered water bottle for hiking has been of assistance to you.

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