Best Elk Hunting Backpacks Review

September 9, 2023

By Nate


Are you wondering what are the best elk hunting backpacks If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that review post will be of assistance to you.

This elk hunting backpack is perfect for hunters who prioritize durability and functionality. The round aluminum frame ensures a snug fit against your back for even weight distribution.

Capacity: Elk hunters typically pursue long hunts, so their packs should have enough capacity. An ideal capacity should fall between 3,000 to 5,000 cubic inches.

Internal-Frame Packs

An effective backpack is one of the key pieces of gear you must bring on an elk hunt, and there is a wide variety of hunting or hiking packs on the market that cater specifically to either purpose. Your main decision will likely involve selecting either an internal frame pack or external frame pack with various suspension systems available – both internal and external frame options being viable options.

External-frame packs can easily be identified by their squared off packbag and visible frame elements, and their long straps. They're highly durable and offer ample storage space; ideal for hauling meat after killing as well as bulky camping gear such as an insulated tent or extra sleeping bags – often used by military personnel carrying large loads. Recently however, sleeker internal-frame packs are beginning to dominate the market.

An internal-frame pack offers several advantages over its external counterparts: It holds your load closer to you for increased comfort while travelling through tight trails; plus there's less chance that its frame will catch on branches or brush. In addition, they tend to be cheaper and offer a wider variety of sizes to accommodate most torsos.

There can be downsides to electric bikes as well; they may make you top-heavy and feel unbalanced, and some models may only be designed for hiking and hunting purposes. Sizing up one can result in back pain or even injury if not carefully considered when selecting your model.

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There is also the weight issue, although new materials have helped mitigate it. Before using your pack in the field, take time to try it on a hike using weighted fill-up tools available from outdoor goods stores – these allow you to gain a feel for how it will feel once fully loaded.

External-Frame Packs

When carrying heavy loads, an external frame backpack may be your best bet. They are specifically designed to withstand large quantities of gear while remaining relatively comfortable to wear – they're also more durable than internal frames!

These packs feature a large main compartment with front and side straps to lashed gear securely to. Some even come equipped with holders for bows or rifles – making these popular among trail crews and hunters, who may use these packs when transporting meat for packing out. Winter hikers also appreciate them because of the ability to attach tents, sleeping bags and snowshoes securely onto the frame of their pack.

As opposed to internal frame backpacks, these packs tend to be less comfortable for long distance hiking trips. Their lightweight structure shifts during use and doesn't transfer weight as efficiently onto your hips – something which becomes an issue on trails that require plenty of maneuvering. Furthermore, their ridged sturdy structures make them heavier while lacking as much adjustability for torso sizes as an internal frame pack does.

Before purchasing a framed pack, it is vital that you try it on and adjust for your torso size before making a purchase. In addition, using your pack with weighted bags in various outdoor goods stores to see how it feels full can also help.

An external-framed backpack offers several distinct advantages over an internal framed pack, most significantly its ability to bear more pounds. The frame sits in front of the pack, spreading out weight across more surfaces for reduced shoulder stress. Shoulder injuries can be serious issues for backpackers; experts advise carrying no more than 20% of bodyweight at one time in your pack.

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If your elk hunt will only last several days, a daypack may be the ideal companion. Lightweight yet designed to carry sleeping bags, tents and other gear – as well as waterproof material that withstands wear and tear – this type of backpack offers convenience when packing essential equipment for the trip. One of the top daypacks for elk hunting thanks to its durability and comfort is an ideal daypack solution.

Apart from being spacious, the top elk hunting backpacks also provide you with plenty of pockets and gear loops to organize your essentials. This will enable you to access items more quickly when in a rush. Furthermore, look out for one with a designated hydration sleeve to carry a water reservoir while staying hydrated throughout your adventure.

For long hunting trips, the ideal elk hunting backpack should also be comfortable to wear. They should evenly distribute weight across your back, shoulders and hips for optimal carrying comfort. When purchasing one of these packs, ensure it features padded hip belts as well as an adjustable yoke that can fit to your torso length for optimal carrying comfort.


Choose a backpack made of high-quality materials and with proven durability for hunting elk, as this requires extensive walking. Elk hunting involves extensive movement that can put strain on the body. Make sure your pack can withstand time and harsh environments without becoming damaged over time.

The SITKA Gear Mountain Hauler 6200 backpack is an outstanding choice for elk hunters who prioritize durability and comfort. Featuring its lightweight construction and remarkable load carrying capacity, this bag makes an excellent addition to any hunting expedition. Specifically designed to hold all necessary hunting accessories (rifle/bow), its adjustable load lifters and suspension system help ensure you can comfortably carry all necessary gear over long treks while its adjustable load lifters ensure comfortable carrying even on challenging terrain. Perfect choice!

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Quarter Packs

When it comes to elk hunting, any pack must be capable of carrying large amounts of meat. That's why the ideal packs for this task feature a large main compartment and an expandable meat shelf between bag and frame; such packs can carry up to 100 pounds of bone-in elk meat–enough to feed two or three hunters with all their gear!

When selecting a pack for an elk hunt, look for one made from waterproof materials with load lifters or suspension systems that help evenly distribute weight across your back, shoulders, hips, and waist for maximum carrying comfort and easier gear access in the field.

Important aspects of an elk hunting pack to consider include storage space and quality of its construction. For optimal performance, quality packs use abrasion-resistant fabrics that withstand wear and tear for comfortable hiking experiences with several straps and attachment points to securely hold accessories such as rifles or bows.

Closing Thoughts

ALPS Outdoor Z Traverse EPS is an ideal elk hunting pack due to its ample storage space for meat, gear, and other necessities. The daypack can easily cinch down for reduced bulk while fitting snugly onto your back; while its larger multiday pack offers enough room for an entire week-long hunt. Plus its Xcurve carbon fiber frame comfortably transports heavy loads while being compatible with hydration bladders!

This lightweight and comfortable elk hunting backpack is an excellent option for hunters seeking lightweight yet comfortable packs that can carry plenty of meat. Conceived by a team of backcountry hunters with years of experience transporting big game animals, its soft memory foam back conforms perfectly to the body, with adjustable Futura Yoke load lifters creating an ergonomic fit, plus compression straps enabling extra meat or supplies without taking your entire pack off your back.

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