Best Electric Mountain Bike under 2000

September 9, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for the best electric mountain bike under 2000? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

An exceptional introduction into the fat bike category that prioritizes performance without breaking your budget. This model comes fully-equipped from the factory with a powerful motor, grippier tires, and swift hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power.

It also features E-PAS power regeneration technology to maximize every ride experience and will last up to 50 miles with pedal assist enabled.

1. Santa Cruz Bullit

If you're in search of an E-MTB that can tackle even the steepest and deepest trails, look no further than Santa Cruz Bullit. It is one of the best electric mountain bike under 2000. Equipped with an efficient drive system, advanced suspension system and top-grade components – combined together these features create an unforgettable experience that riders will never forget!

The 2022 Santa Cruz BULLIT X01 Coil bicycle features a lightweight and strong carbon frame, as well as high-quality drivetrain and brakes from SRAM's X01 Eagle AXS drivetrain, along with GAGE LOCK technology to prevent chain rub on steep sections. Available in various sizes and colors.

Trek's OCLV carbon provides its lightweight strength. Furthermore, there is also an integral carbon mudguard and chain guide. All this comes together on this bike made by Santa Cruz for all riders of various sizes and colors! The 2022 Santa Cruz BULLIT X01 Coil comes equipped with lightweight but strong Trek's OCLV carbon provides incredible lightness as well as strength; there's also carbon chain guides which helps protect it from debris while SRAM's SRAM Eagle AXS provides plenty of range while GAGE LOCK technology helps avoid chain rub on steep sections.

Additional Perks

Santa Cruz BULLIT stands out with its excellent brakes. Equipped with two sets of hydraulic disc brakes that are both effective and user-friendly, as well as being coupled to an excellent suspension fork that offers excellent ride quality and handling across various terrain types, these feature pair seamlessly.

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Shimano EP8 Motor: an upgrade over its predecessor

The new Santa Cruz BULLIT comes equipped with a Fox Factory Float X shock, offering great damping power. In addition, its longer travel than most MTB shocks makes it very responsive and capable of handling a range of terrain. Reserve rims are strong and reliable – pairing perfectly with Shimano X01 DH cranks for quick and efficient shifting – and its reliable DT Swiss hubs guarantee smooth riding experience.

2. Giant Talon

Giant Talon hardtail mountain bikes make an excellent first choice for beginners, thanks to their agility, versatility and strong braking capabilities. Perfect for developing riding skills without breaking the bank! These powerful bikes can handle a range of terrain and obstacles.

This bike boasts an X6 frame, equipped with an SR Suntour fork and marathon tires for superior riding comfort, along with Shimano Br-M506 brakes to provide powerful stopping power when needed. Additionally, an SR Suntour fork adds additional cushion against shocks and impacts from trails while improving ride quality for longer journeys.

This bike's lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver and control, making it ideal for travel. The aluminum X6 frame features two water bottle mounting points as well as a threaded bottom bracket to facilitate maintenance tasks.

The Giant Talon mountain bike is an excellent option for anyone who is looking to upgrade their mountain bike. It boasts a high-quality drivetrain compatible with most components and offers an array of gears – making this bike ideal for beginners who wish to tackle various terrain and obstacles on their journeys.

This e-bike features Bosch quiet Performance CX lightweight motor technology and boasts a 400Wh battery. With these components in place, this bike can reach speeds up to 20 mph! Additionally, its ergonomic saddle makes for comfortable rides. Furthermore, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes ensure safe stopping power.

Giant Talon mountain bikes are an excellent option for beginner riders who wish to upgrade their mountain biking.

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3. X500 Pro

Are you in search of an affordable e-bike to conquer rugged terrain and muddy trails? Look no further than the X500 Pro e-bike. Packed with everything needed for long rides on challenging trails, such as its TruckRun 48V 14Ah battery that provides ample power, as well as its powerful Bafang 750W hub drive motor with torque capabilities up to 250Nm for any torque you throw its way, you'll also receive an intuitive color display to keep track of key information while riding and Tektro mechanical disc brakes to provide smooth stops when needed.

Another great feature of this e-bike is its rear suspension system, which will make your ride more comfortable and provide a smoother experience overall. This feature is not often seen among budget e-bikes so it is definitely nice to have.

This bike comes equipped with Kenda anti-puncture fat tires designed for all terrain, making riding fun no matter where your journey leads you. Although its 80mm travel limit won't permit any truly gnarly descents, it should still provide plenty of fun rides regardless.

Himiway's e-bike is built from a mountain bike frame reinforced with reinforcements to accommodate for its motor and battery pack, with an impressive Shengyi gear hub motor that's rated 750W and can travel 50 miles on one charge – pretty remarkable for being one of the best electric mountain bike under 2000. In addition, this model comes complete with lights, kickstand, and bell for everyday commuting needs.

One thing that sets this e-bike apart from others is its distinctive frame design, which will look fantastic on any trail you ride it on. Furthermore, its folding frame makes transportation much simpler, while it is made with high-grade components so it will last you for many years.

4. Hurley Tailside

Hurley is an iconic surf and skateboard brand known for their affordable performance bikes that also excel as electric bicycles. Their affordable performance models give riders confidence and allow them to ride for longer while exploring more of the trail before returning home quickly. Boasting a powerful 350 watt motor and throttle mode, their bikes can reach 20mph speeds easily while conquering even difficult terrains.

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This model features a lightweight build, removable battery pack and stylish cruiser frame with swept back handlebars. In addition, there's a front headlight powered by its own battery; comfortable grips; sturdy-looking tires and sturdy-caliper brakes which limit range to approximately 15 miles per charge. The only drawbacks to consider for this bike include outdated caliper brakes and small battery which limit its range per charge.

Ebikes may be expensive to purchase but remain more cost-effective to maintain than cars. Plus, due to being more compact than regular bicycles, you can store them easily under stairs or in closets.

Closing Thoughts

Hurley makes assembly easy by including an easy-to-follow assembly guide and all required tools with every purchase, as well as offering a limited lifetime warranty covering parts and labor so you can rest easy knowing your bike will stand the test of time.

This electric mountain bike stands out from the competition by being constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy and equipped with a suspension fork to help navigate uneven or rugged terrain. Additionally, its large rims and high-quality tires ensure a smooth and stable ride, and its padded saddle enhances your comfort level during every journey. Plus, its impressive specifications also include features such as an LCD display, integrated lights, multiple reflectors and rear rack that makes cargo hauling a breeze!

This ebike comes equipped with an intuitive LCD display, making customizing and monitoring speed, distance and ride assist easy and accessible. In addition to this feature, there's also a rear rack designed for cargo carrying as well as dual fenders to help keep riders clean during rides. Plus, its powerful 350W/36V motor makes this bike perfect for exploring new trails with confidence. I hope this post on our best electric mountain bike under 2000 review has been helpful.

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