Best Climbing Harness for Trad Climbers

December 26, 2020

By Nate


Are you seeking the best climbing harness to invest in? If so, welcome to We are glad you are here.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will need the best climbing harness to be safe and secure. It is as important as a good pair of climbing shoes. You need to select the best climbing harness for your climbing experience. You cannot compromise on a climbing harness because it is something that could save you from an accident or death.

Climbing is not a child's play. You need to be fully sure about your security and safety. In this regard, climbing harnesses are available in the market. These harnesses keep the user linked with a secure point. Naturally, any sudden disaster can happen. If any expected scene occurs, these harnesses will create a positive ray of hope. Moreover, if you slip accidentally, the harness will be there to keep you safe.

Any best climbing harness will keep you comfortable with your task and also make you confident to fulfill your chore. Using it can help allay your fears. You will feel quite safe while using it. These kinds of things prepare a person to start any difficult task.

Which Climbing Harness Should I Buy?

Climbing in the mountains will give a very unique and adventurous feeling. It seems difficult and dangerous, and the climber should keep all the things ready regarding his safety. 

A climbing harness acts as a connection between you and your safety point, so it should be properly and strongly created. It is a crucial piece of climbing gear, and its selection depends on the type of task. 

Yes, it depends on your climbing style. There are many situations where a person can use a climbing harness. Let's discuss all the types according to different situations. 

Sport and gym climbing: Beginners usually perform the practice at an indoor gym. They attend different classes to learn the actual outside rock climbing. For such people, a harness with 3-5 gear loops and two fixed leg loops will be very good. You need to select the most lightweight and simple harnesses for climbing practice. We are reminding this because these harnesses will reduce your bulk and weight. They will allow you to concentrate on your learning and practice. An expert level climbing harness will offer irritation because they are a little bit difficult to carry and manage. 

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Trad climbing

For trad climbing, you can perform your task confidently by using a hefty climbing harness. The harnesses should have at least 5-6 loops. Such a harness can be used for successful multi-pitch climbing. So, you should select a strong and well-built climbing harness. 

Heavy rock climbing: This type of climbing also needs the most strong climbing harness for full safety. As this is real and actual climbing with a lot of risks, a person needs to be careful along with proper well-built gear. The best climbing harness with proper loops and grip can do the best job there. 

Mountaineering harness: There are also special mountaineering harnesses out there. This type of harness has very little or maybe no padding with adjustable leg loops. The adjustable loops allow the climbers to hold the harness easily.

By understanding the climbing style, you can easily select the best climbing harness for your task. It is important to know the task first because it is linked with the selection of the best climbing harness. 

When Should I Retire My Climbing Harness?

Climbing harness deals with the matter of safety, so a person should be careful about changing the harness after proper time intervals. If your harness is of good or excellent quality, even then, you should retire it within a year. There are some cases when a harness can last for more than one year. Those who work as mountain guides or do full-time rock climbing should change their climbing harness within a year. The climbers who perform climbing one or two times in a year can use a single harness for more than one year. 

It will be better for the climbers to replace their used harness with a new one as soon as possible. Changing the climbing harness after a suitable period will ensure safety and security.

Hopefully, you will be clear about when and after how long the climbing harness should be replaced. It is important to be safe and enjoy the same task again in your life. 

Which Climbing Harness Should I Buy?

Yes, it is important to understand how you can buy the correct size. 

First of all, try a climbing harness if you can. It will enable you to judge the size and fitting correctly. Some stores and shops have some suitable places to hang at a short height; therefore, a person can easily experience the comfort level of the harness before buying. 

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Buying is an activity that requires understanding. You need to understand two main points before buying the best climbing harness for yourself. 

  • The first point is that you should select the harness that fits snugly but not tightly. This is an important point to keep in mind. Usually, people select a harness with strong fitting. The harness with a little bit of loose-fitting can serve you very well. If you buy a tight harness, you will not be able to sit comfortably to take a rest. Select a size through which you can easily bend down without any problem.
  • The next thing is also very crucial, and you need to understand it very well. Almost all the belts should have at least 5 inches of extension after setting them. There will be some extra part of all the belts after proper fitting and settling. It will minimize the risk of any danger and can also be helpful in case of any jerk or strong pressure. So you have to select the climbing harness with large belts. 

You can choose the size by testing it. Wear the harness and bend down or move in a curved shape. If you can comfortably bend down to an expected limit, then that harness will go best. If you feel tightness and stiffness while bending down, so you should leave that one. It will work well while performing your task.

PETZL Harness

Here are also some useful and best climbing harnesses. You can check them out by reading the whole description. 

PETZL – CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness

This is considered the best climbing harness that will not allow you to remorse on your decision. It is easy to use and fit. As it's construction is according to every season, so you can easily use it in winters or summer. 

It has two buckles at the backside that keep the loops in an optimal position and adjust the size according to your need.

Leg loops are also adjustable and manageable, so anyone can adjust the size according to his/her comfort. 

It features the modern frame technology that divides the whole weight between the leg loops and waist belt, and due to which the user remains comfortable and concentrates completely on his task. 


  • Adjustable
  • Has a frame to divide the load
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • High-quality buckles
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  • Buckles do not have a double look system

YXGOOD Harness

YXGOOD Climbing Harness

It is also one of the great climbing harnesses with a different appearance. It is black and has wide belts. This harness is a half body harness, and it can bear a weight up to 150 KG. 

There are strong waist belts and waist pads. The pads at the waist belt and leg straps are made up of high-quality breathable foam. The user will not feel any harsh sensation when hanging at a height. Its waist belt has a large buckle to fit the size according to the waist size. There are also buckles at the leg loops to customize the size. 

Moreover, it has five tool rings through which you can easily carry tools with you. You might need anything in the middle of your performance. These rings are attached to facilitate the climbers to carry all essential tools with them. 


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable 
  • Have five tool rings 
  • Buckles for proper fitting. 
  • Breathable foam pads. 
  • Well-built. 


  • Buckles are made up of plastic


Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Climbing gears from Black Diamond are always considered worthy of use. The products from black diamond are always categorized as the best products. This waist belt has a double core construction that gives it durability and a lavish appearance. 

This is one of the best climbing harnesses from black diamond. Its waist belt contains a high level of fabric though which its adjustment becomes very easy. 

The leg loops are stitched with proper breathable foam to give it nice padding. The padding will feel very smooth and soft to your legs. Moreover, the loops are adjustable and can be molded into any size and shape. 


  • Dual-core design
  • Stitched very well
  • Well padded
  • The adjustable waist belt and leg loops. 

Closing Thoughts

Climbing has become easy and comfortable because of the best climbing harness. The harness keeps the climbers safe and guarded. It helps the climber to perform his/her task confidently and comfortably. It acts as a link between the climber and any fixed point.

Overall, it is a good thing to ensure your safety on dangerous and difficult tasks like climbing and mountaineering. We have discussed some of the best climbing harnesses with the benefits, pros, and cons. We hope this will help you out.

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