Best Climbing Harness for Beginners (2023)

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Wondering what are the best climbing harness for beginners? Let's cover two of our top picks for outdoor and indoor climbing enthusiasts/

Whether you’re an adventure junkie or an occasional climber, one of the things you need in your gear is a climbing harness. The device holds you in place, giving a sense of security as you soar through the air.

Climbing harnesses are an essential tool for your safety basic rock and trad climbing needs. If you’re already a pro in the field, you might know that harnesses need to be chosen carefully. Features like leg loops, belay devices, and ice clippers need to be taken into consideration before going ahead and selecting one.

Amidst the massive range of rock climbing accessories, it is difficult to figure out which harness is the one for you. My article today is for newbies who do not know much about such harnesses.

To save you tons of research and effort, I have compiled a list of the top harnesses to find the best climbing harness for beginners like you.

GABBRO Harness

  1. Gabbro Climbing Harness

Are you an aspiring rock climber but are afraid that you might face unwanted accidents? That your harness won’t hold up? If that’s the case, go for the Gabbro climbing harness. Known for its strength and durability, this harness has a double belt and added features for extra sturdiness and security.

Sturdy construction

When it comes to construction, the Gabbro climbing harness is indeed the best climbing harness. It is constructed from reinforced polyester that increases the wear resistance, giving the harness a much longer lifetime.

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The belt also has high density strong and sturdy double sewing that ensures no rips or tears. The adjustable buckle of the harness has an electrophoretic coating that makes it resistant to corrosion and adds to its durability.

Sizing options

Have you ever faced trouble finding the right harness for you since you fit none of them perfectly? Well, that should not be the case anymore since the Gabbro climbing harness has adjustable straps and flexible loops. The one size fits all ages and can be shared by multiple people of different sizes. You will also face no issues when wearing thick clothes since it is so easy to wear, move around in and remove.

Unique Design

Since you are going against gravity, you absolutely cannot have much weight on you. Keeping that in mind, this harness is extremely lightweight, weighing only 1.05lbs which also makes it immensely portable.

There are 2 tool rings on the right side of the climbing harness which makes it easier to clip things on while climbing, freeing you of the worries of having to carry a bag along.

Safety options

Since climbing is an extreme sport, safety is a top priority. A wider waist belt ensures that you are fit and snug into your harness and helps provide maximum comfort. The polyester webbing is also highly tensile and does not tear even under extreme pressure. The double sewing also reassures security along with the double reinforced ends. With this harness, safety will be the least of your concerns!

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In case you do not feel comfortable in your harness, or the material broke or ripped unlike their promise, you can easily return the harness without any worries! What I love about this brand is their 24-hour friendly customer service available to help you out in case of inquiries all the time.


  • Well-made harness
  • Affordable price
  • Is CE certified and tested


  • Does not fit children


The second item that managed to make it to my list is the Corax adjustable harness by Petzl. The reason for including this is its impressive mix of maximum adjustability and impressive versatility. And, all of this at a very reasonable price!


The waist belt on this harness is heavily padded over the wide webbing strap except for the front where the double buckles are situated. This helps create a much more comfortable belt than most other ones that stick in your waist and leave marks on your skin. One might say the padding is too much and yes it does add to the weight, but it a little price you have to pay for comfort.


Although the device is heavily padded, it does not decrease its mobility. The harness is super flexible and stretchy because of the webbing and one can easily move around in it. It is also lightly padded around the ends of the leg loops instead of being heavily padded that might’ve made it difficult to walk in.


This might strike you as a plain ordinary harness at first glance, but trust me, it is so much more than that. It eases carrying and organizing equipment with the help of its two front and two back flexible high capacity loops.

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It also has double front buckles that further ensure your safety. In addition, it also makes the belt much snugger and well-fitting around your waist. Having a single buckle is worrisome as it might open up but having two buckles? No need to worry about safety anymore!


I have always contemplated between mountaineering harnesses vs climbing harnesses since I can’t get the difference between the two. Hence I was delighted to find out that this harness can be used in all kinds of climbing routines.

The adjustable legs and waist allow it to be used in all kinds of activities. So the next time you plan on going mountain climbing instead of plain old climbing, you will not feel the need to buy new equipment, simply use the same one!

Affordable price

With the number of features that this harness encompasses, it is hard to believe the price tag that accompanies it. It is available at an affordable price making this one of the top best climbing harness for beginners in the marketplace.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fully safe and secure


  • No ice clipper slots

Closing Thoughts

Climbing means a lot to you, and I get it. This is exactly why I compiled this list today to help determine that is the best climbing harness for beginners. Amongst all the candidates I researched, only the two of these were good enough to have made the final cut.

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