Best Backpacking Solar Panels for Outdoors

November 26, 2020

By Nate


Seeking the best backpacking solar panels for your hiking and outdoor needs? Welcome to

Imagine yourself going out on a camping trip with friends. It’s dark and remote. You take out your phone to turn on the flashlight only to see its battery empty.

There are a lot of situations where the use of a phone is crucial, but you can’t find electricity everywhere. Hence, it's better than just like to keep a first-aid kit for yourself, you have a reliable tool for these electric gadgets as well.

When I say a tool for gadgets, I mean the trustworthy small-sized solar chargers. Portable in their construction, they are compatible with a handful of different devices. Depending upon your need, you can choose from a wide-ranging collection that differs in size, battery life, charging, and compatibility.

Below I’ll review the three of the best backpacking solar panels. Study them carefully and select your new adventure partner.

BigBlue 28W Foldable SolarCharger

Known for its brilliant design and efficient charging ability, this solar phone charger is one of the best in the market. Get it attached to your backpack and enjoy carefree adventures.

Fantastic USB Compatibility

Providing you with a total of 3 USB charging ports, the bigblue 28w is up to a great start. These ports enable its smart charging technology and produce current values of 5V/4.8A Max. It's due to such features that the device charges quickly and effectively.

Safe and Protected Charging

The BigBlue is certified from CE/FCC/RoHS. Therefore, it's safe for usage. We all want carefree charging, don’t we? Just connect the charging cable to the phone and leave it. This solar charger takes care of the charging process and prevents any sort of overcharging, overheating, and short circuit issues.

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Portable Mode of Construction

The purpose of a solar charger is to have something light in weight, compact, and can be easily carried with you. Weighing 20.6 oz, the unit meets the user portability criteria. Furthermore, it allows you to charge multiple devices at once, which seals the deal.

Power-Packed Energy Conversion

As this is a solar panel, it uses the sun energy to drive your electrical equipment. For that purpose, it first converts around 21.5-23.5% of sunlight into power. Using a PET polymer in the body, the panel stays water and fog proof, all while adding value to your adventure.


  • 3 Port USB connector
  • Attached Micro USB cable
  • 28w Solar Panel Charger
  • Auto-restart Function
  • 24-month Worry-Free Card


  • Foldable Design
  • Various Compatibility Options
  • Quick Charging


  • Heavy for Carrying

Nekteck 21W Waterproof Solar Powered Charger 

Be it the design or performance, speed or effectivity, Nekteck beautifully ticks all boxes off the slot. It is beautiful, smart, and affordable.

Charges Multiple Devices

The charging speed and efficiency all depend on the number of USB slots a device comes with. The best comes with dual USB ports that make the device charging super convenient. You can attach both the devices at once and its 3.0A power output handles the rest.

Ruggedly Reliable

For your high-powered task, you require something rugged and powerful that can keep up with your pace. In that case, getting your hands on the best portable solar panels for camping is an accomplishment in itself. Sporting a fit and smart look, this panel is super light and will fit beautifully in your backpack.

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Your Travel Partner

A device can only be your partner if it's better and faster than you. The Nekteck solar panel is one such example. Unleashing a solar power of around 21 watts, this is extra-ordinary in strength. The device is foldable and offers an ampere value of around 800-100mA. Perfect for all day and overnight, trad climbing, hiking or camping outings.

Quick in Performance

All this unit has to do is perform quickly and it does it the best. Through its pre-installed microchip, it recognizes that a device is plugged in the system and begins the charging process. Not only does it begin the charging, but also keeps check of the battery optimization and over-charging.


  • 21W High-Efficiency Input Panel
  • 5V Standard dual USB ports
  • Around 3A of current output
  • Compatible with several USB supported devices
  • Micro USB cable included


  • Solid Design
  • Attachment Clips Included
  • Water and Fog Proof


  • No Internal Battery

Goal Zero Unisex's Nomad 10 Solar Panel

Coming from Goal Zero, this solar panel is in a mood. From its direct charging from the sun to its foldable design and additional features, it is amongst the best backpacking solar panels in the marketplace.

Unisex Design

Goal Zero has done well on this solar panel’s unisex design. With an appealing look and smart craftsmanship, this panel is a great choice for all adventurers regardless of their gender. With such a vibe, this item is certainly the best portable solar charger for 2019.

Loaded with Power

In places and situations where you don’t have access to electric ports and plugs, you need to have something reliable by your side. Though named a zero goal, it does have a goal. The goal is to give provide you with the easiest battery recharge using its 10-watt panel.

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Creative Manufacturing

With a handful of recharge items and sources in the market, it all comes down to performance and its design. It has a better than before design with a built-in Flip dock and an adjustable kickstand. The unit stays locked in whenever you want.

Easy to Position

It is compact and can be kept in your backpack for a long time. But when you have to recharge it, you need to take it out of the bag. Instead of carrying it in your hand, it comes with an adjustable feature. Play with its position settings and adjust it on your bag or tent. Recharge the charger without delaying your venture.


  • Built-in Kickstand
  • Lightweight Design
  • Direct Solar Charging
  • Pre-Integrated USB Slots
  • 10-Watt Solar Panel


  • Super Quick Charging
  • Easy to Use
  • Light to Carry


  • No accessory Clips included

Closing Thoughts

The presence of a solar charger, as well as a power bank in the market, has offered a different choice to its users. Different in its working and performance, solar chargers bring out the real feel of an adventure trip.

With that being said, my list of the best backpacking solar panels has come to an end. Happy Adventures!

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