Best Backpacking Multi Tool for the Outdoors

December 19, 2020

By Nate


What is the best backpacking multi tool? Welcome to We are glad you have arrived and hope this article will be helpful to you.

Are you willing to move into the dense wilds for camping? If yes, you would be thinking about the difficulties that you may face to carry different necessary tools with you. There is no need to worry about that because you can find a gadget that will act as a toolbox. You will be able to have all the necessary tools by keeping that one gadget. 

By keeping that unique thing with you, you will remain safe from lifting the heavy load of tools. After knowing the features and benefits of this gadget, anyone camping lover will try to buy it desperately. 

The “multitool” is the way to solve the problem of carrying the load. Now, there are multitools for backpacking and climbing available in the market. It is a type of tool that contains almost all the tools that a person needs for camping or hiking.

This tool always has a lightweight through which it becomes very portable. This feature resolves the burden of mind and allows a person to become a pro hiker and camper. 

For the convenience of the readers, we are going to write about some major questions that people usually ask. 

Are You Allowed to Carry a Multitool?

Generally speaking, the multitool has many sharp tools; therefore, it is sometimes restricted to carry this tool. 

In order to maintain the security level, some places like hospitals, shopping malls, and hotels have security guards for special checking of this type of instrument. 

The multitool can also be used by criminals for unwanted purposes, and that's why it is prohibited in some areas, especially in public places. 

But if you want to use it for camping purposes, it will give you a wonderful experience. The main reason why it is used is that one needs to carry it only instead of carrying many tools. One can find all the things in one place. It will provide a whole kit of necessities. 

Furthermore, it could be easily used for camping purposes, or a hiker can also take it without any hesitation. It is totally allowed to be used for outdoor camping. The best backpacking multi tool is always going to be the most reliable and consistent addition to being outdoors.

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What Multitool Does the Military Use?

Military men take multitools with them on missions because it is a compact gadget and contains every tool they need. They can easily use the tools whenever required, without carrying a toolbox with them.

Are you thinking about what multitool will be best for military use? 

The “Gerber Multi-Plier 600” is one of the best backpacking multi tool. The product from this collection and platform is greatly used by the soldiers. It is preferred because it has many admirable features. 

The tools it contains are also necessary and useful for missions. They can be helpful in survival. The gadget usually contains wire cutters, a sharp knife, a blade, different pliers, and a sight tool. 

Furthermore, it is easy to use. One can easily sort out his/her necessity from a bunch. Just because of its effectiveness, durability, and configuration, this product is commonly used by military men.

What Does a Multitool Do?

As we are talking about the best multitool for backpacking, we should also discuss its work. 

If a person is going to hang out in a particular decided place, he would surely know about his needs, and he could carry the necessary tools with him. He would surely leave all those things that are useless. It will become easy for him to manage the luggage. 

But, if a person is going hiking or backpacking, he would not know about his necessities. Any place or any sight could offer something different. In this case, a person has to be fully prepared. 

For such situations, a multitool is useful and best. It is a type of toolbox in your pocket. You can have access to any tool whenever you need it. 

It is created for those situations when a person does not know about the next moment. You'll feel relaxed to have it in an emergency. 

It can give you a surprising presence of many tools in one place. If anyone needs a blade while moving in a jungle, it will be the best option there. If anyone needs a screwdriver while fixing his/her camp, it will give the opportunity to easily have a screwdriver. Likewise, there are many tools of importance.

What is the Best Multitool to Buy?

The best backpacking multi tool is not a hard task to choose. No doubt, there are many types of multitools in the market, and one can easily see an excess of variety. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best multitool for backpacking. We will share the information or description of the best products along with their merits and demerits. 

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Gerber Multi-Plier

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

The first product on our list is Gerber Suspension multitools for backpacking. This is a tool with a butterfly-style opening and stainless steel body case. 

The product has a slim and slide body shape in order to fit in your hand in a balanced way. It has the ability to fit the most important tools into it, including knives, sharp-edged blades, sharp wire cutters, screwdrivers, flat blade screwdrivers, bottle openers, scissors, and saw. 

All these tools can help you fix the problem easily, correctly, and quickly. 

It has a narrowly designed nose plier that will fix or work for the very narrow and small points where square-shaped pliers cannot work. 

It has two sided knives in it that will allow technical cuts of different angles at a time without any difficulty.


It has a protective Saf.T.Plus system lock, so it will be a secure multitool in your pocket. The user can also remain unworried about the unwanted opening of the sharp edges.

Along with the secure locking system, it is very easy and handy to use. The procedure of opening and sorting out the needed tool is not a tough task. The user needs to slide lock first and then release the button back. You will have easy access to all tools for your task. 

The protective shield also comes with the product. It has a protective cover made up of nylon so that you can keep the multitool into the cover when it is not in use. 


  • Has narrow pliers
  • Twelve useful tools
  • Advanced locking system
  • Can be saved after use
  • Has a nylon cover 
  • Easy to use 


  • Needs practice
  • A little bit heavy


Victorinox Swiss Multitool

After judging the products, we have listed the best product of Victorinox Swiss. It includes 33 different functional tools like a huge toolbox in your pocket. This multitool has the ability to solve your problem in your daily life as well as on your trips and campings. It can prove itself the best at the moment when a person needs different tools. 

It has all the products that can help you to pull out the tent poles, cut the strong wires or ropes, open a bottle, and many more. 

Not only for backpacking, but it is also very suitable for fishing. Due to the sharp-edged screws and knives, it can separate a fish from the caught hooks. The most appreciated tool is the 91mm long sharp knife, which will be a good tool for you to prepare your dinner or to prepare the hunt more quickly. 

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After use, one can wash the tools using water. But it is necessary to use some drops of oil between the blades, opening springs, and tool shank when it dries.

This multitool contains a can opener, reamer, screwdrivers, blade, small cutting blade, wood fiber grip, and corkscrew. All the tools are made up of steel with a corrosion-free property. 

The steel used for the production of tools is highly covered, polished, and tempered in order to resist corrosion or rusting. 


  • Sleek look
  • Less price 
  • 33 useable tools
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy to use and clean 


  • Has a few short pliers
  • The locking mechanism takes some time. 


LEATHERMAN, Crunch Multi-Tool

The Leatherman brand is one of the most popular tools. Its name can tell the quality and durability of the product. 

This tool can also be the best multitool for backpacking. It has a size of 4 inches; therefore, it is portable and handy. It has foldable pliers and locked tools that can easily become unlocked by pushing buttons. 

It is a multitool that contains 15 tools. These tools are wire stripper, wire cutter, bottle opener, pin vice, serrated knife, versatile pliers, screwdriver, and hex bit driver.

A buyer can confidently purchase this product because it has a guarantee of 25 years. This time limit tells the quality and durability of this product. 

For keeping the user safe, all the tools have a well-securing lock system. A person can easily lock and unlock the tools at the moment of need. 


  • 15 tools in one gadget 
  • Folding pliers
  • 25 years warranty 
  • Quality lock system 


  • A little bit heavy(9.6 ounces) 

Closing Thoughts

Anyone who wants a safe and secure journey should select the best multitool for backpacking. A multitool is one of the necessary gear that you should surely have in your pocket while hanging out. 

Multitools are not only for outdoor use. They can also be very useful for indoor deeds. The top-rated products with their detailed description, pros, and cons are listed above. This article could help you in selecting the best multitool for backpacking. I hope this article on the best backpacking multi tool has been helpful to you.

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