Best Backpacking Knives for 2023

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking the best backpacking knives to invest in for the new year? If so, welcome to We're glad you are here.

The weather has started becoming foggy day by day which is a green signal of winters coming in! And when the winter steps in, it brings along the vacations as a cherry on top. So, enjoying an outdoor picnic or a bonfire in such atmospheric conditions is an adventure itself.

Don't forget to keep all the essential items in your backpack that you'd require on your trip. One of them is a sharp and compact knife. Always keep the best backpacking knives with you. Furthermore, it will allow you to deal with any absurd situation you encounter on your trip.

Always keep in mind that whichever knife you choose for keeping in your backpack should always make up to the requirements. It should be able to cut in a single stroke rather you being struggling after repeated shots. Also opening and closing of the knives should be smooth too.

Let's have a look at some of these products.

Gerber Knife

  1. Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

The Gerber Gear blade is a brand known for its Paraframe knife series. It has been produced the highest quality knives to date. You can blindly put your trust in these mini knives. Paraframe mini knives do look small in size but can prove to be the best survival knife you could ever wish for.

Design of the knife

Overall, these knives are designed in a way that does not harm the person carrying them for use. You can appreciate a steel framework that holds the blade side of the knife. Also, you can keep the sharp-edged blade close whenever the knife is not in use.

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Slide it open when any rope or other stuff needs to be cut with it. No doubt Gerber's knives have the best possible safe design.

Excellent product for daily use

The weight of these mini knives is as light as a feather. You will be carrying it in your backpack but would be even noticing its presence! Therefore, it's an excellent everyday use product. It will stay as your partner during traveling as well daily.

Clean and tidy

The sleek and stylish design of the Paraframe knife makes it very easy for you to clean it. In addition, no heavy scrubbing is required. The material of it helps you to wipe it in a single go without needing a second touch.

Safe in your pocket

Just to make you feel more comfortable with the presence of these mini knives, the brand Gerber Gear has equipped its product with a strong yet slim clip. Also, this clip has a fine role while you want to carry the knife in your pocket.

You can place the knife inside the appropriate region in a way that this clip stays out on the surface of the cloth. So, this will make it easier for you to take it out without wasting time in locating it.

Stainless steel blade

The quality of the blade side of these knives is quite high. It is made as an extremely fine-edged blade line. You can effortlessly cut through any item you want to with it. There will be no need for a second stroke!

The stainless steel material of the knife helps it to achieve a clean cut stroke. Also, makes the cleaning easy.

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  • Light-weighted
  • Stainless steel design
  • Pocket clip
  • Lockable frame


  • Can rust after sometime

Spyderco Knife

The Spyderco Delica blade is well known amongst travelers for making the best possible knives. Also, it serves both purposes, traveling purposes, as well as for everyday use. It would not be wrong if I call it the best camping knife as it is made for the same!

Amazing Blade quality

If you have a closer look at these knives, you will be able to see the exact orientation of the blade. In addition, the surface area of the knife is quite wide and expanded. The blade has a flat and plain edge.

You will also observe a well-defined hole in the knife. This is called an opening hole and has a width of 13mm!

Attractive colors

Although this product is meant for very serious usage, still its makers have tried to put some humor in it. You get these knives in amazing funky colors. Yes! You can now buy these in any color that attracts you. How about buying colors like purple, orange, green and blue?

Providing comfort at all levels

For you to enjoy its safe handling, makers of Spyderco Delica knives have added in their structure some important points. There is a small push point which ensures uninterrupted and safe opening-closing of the knife. The Spyderco is certainly one of the best backpacking knives in the marketplace.

The clip provided is for the gripping of the knife in your pocket when you carry it other than your backpack.

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Strong hand grip

The handles of these knives have yet another proper design that allows your hand to have a strong grip on the knife. It is a bi-directional surface which does not let the hand slip from the knife. This even helps in preventing any mishaps which can lead to serious injuries.

Fiberglass reinforced nylon handles

Spyderco Delica knives have fiberglass reinforced nylon handles which are also known as FRN handles. These handles made of fiberglass and nylon makes the product highly durable and sustainable by increasing its strength.

Easy to carry

These knives are designed in a way that it has nearly no appreciable weight yet are so internally strong! This has been possible because of the presence of stainless steel liners that are embedded in the handles.

These liners help to connect the internal parts of the knife as well as provide it with enough strength to bear adverse situations.


  • Refined cutting edge
  • 13mm opening hole
  • Wide range of colors
  • FRN handles


  • Plain (without combo) edged knife

Closing Thoughts

After knowing so many advantages of carrying a knife in your backpacks, I am sure you must be confused in selecting the best backpacking knives. But if you have gone through this article in detail, many of your confusions would have been clear till now.

If I were to select from the given, I would put my hands down on Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife. It features have attracted me a lot! Nevertheless, everyone has their preferences. Do let me know your choice too through your valuable feedbacks.

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