Best 8 Person Tent Review and Perks

July 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for the best 8 person tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

At some point in your life, you'll likely want to share an outdoor adventure with friends or family. A suitable tent can give everyone somewhere comfortable to sleep while protecting them from the elements.

Important considerations when searching for tents include floor space, center height, windows, awning/vestibule space and splitting them into separate rooms.

Nemo Wagontop 2020

With its peak height of over 6 feet and 69 square feet of sleeping space, this tent is like your own modest apartment. This spaciousness is created by its hubbed aluminum poles which increase verticality of walls to create plenty of elbow room and an open interior space. As it's freestanding it doesn't need stakes for stability – simply move around your campsite until finding an ideal rock- and root-free position to find maximum comfort!

As well as offering unmatched interior space, this tent also boasts many comfort and convenience features that make it standout – such as its massive front vestibule, panoramic windows and convenient gear loft. Furthermore, we love that its doors are dual zippered for ventilation; simply open one side half way.

Another amazing aspect of this tent is its capacity to fit a queen-sized sleeping pad – unlike many similar tents that only support standard-sized pads – giving you more space and comfort during restful slumber.

One area for improvement on this tent would be its room divider. We believe it would have been more practical if this divider ran perpendicular to its massive front door instead of through it, enabling campers to easily divide the interior space and divide into two equal-sized rooms.

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This tent's only drawback is its relative lack of stormproofing compared to some of the other shelters available at this price range. While its 1500mm hydrostatic rating should provide adequate weather protection, better options exist if you require even greater peace-of-mind when it comes to storm protection.


Sierra 16

The Sierra 16 was designed with families in mind and offers ample living space. Its master bedroom can easily accommodate a walk-in wardrobe while other bedrooms provide comfortable accommodations for children and teens. Plus, this house comes equipped with its own dining area – perfect for hosting dinner parties and celebrations!

The Sierra 16 4-season cotton bell tent can comfortably house 8-12 people and features breathable materials for ventilation. It stands on one central pole and weighs in at 74 lb (33.6 kg). Both walls and roof are constructed from watertight cotton canvas that needs three weeks of weathering time before becoming watertight; three vents provide vertical air flow enhancement.

Teton Sports Sierra canvas tents are designed to keep larger groups of campers dry all year long. Constructed of durable treated cotton canvas with an antimicrobial finish and treated PVC floor to withstand the elements, they feature multiple integrated e-ports so electricity can be run directly into the tent for lights and electronics, plus they feature an easy zip-away design which lets you remove its floor to turn it into a canopy canopy.

The Sierra Center provides children with an intimate setting to help them excel by developing concentration, coordination of movement, sense of order and independence. Activities at the Sierra center follow the Montessori method – a child-centric learning approach which encourages them to explore their interests at their own pace while learning at their own pace – so they develop a passion for purposeful work while becoming lifelong learners.

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Nemo Wagontop 8

The Nemo Wagontop is one of the best 8 person tent and is an excellent choice for anyone who values comfort and safety on the trail. Offering plenty of space and ventilation, as well as being well-built to last years. Furthermore, this lightweight tent makes for easy transport. Additionally, choosing one made from quality materials with durable poles made from aluminum will prevent it from dismantling over time – ensuring watertight seams that seal tight in rainy camping trips!

This tent features an innovative frame design that allows you to stand up straight throughout most of the interior space, as well as built-in overhangs at both ends for all-weather ventilation. Large windows and doors open wide for views and air circulation while shut tight to provide privacy and protection from weather elements.

One great feature of this tent is its ability to be divided into two separate rooms, perfect for offering some privacy when camping with family. Please be aware, though, that not all models of the tent offer this feature.

Many have lamented the complexity and difficulty of setting up this tent. Due to all its parts and connections, setting it up can be quite an ordeal; therefore, beginners shouldn't attempt this experience.

For maximum headroom, look no further than the NEMO Wagontop 8. Designed to accommodate an eight-member family and featuring a peak height of 80 inches, this tent also provides plenty of storage space as well as an enclosed vestibule to provide shelter against elements. As it is single wall tent, extra protection may be desired by pairing with a rainfly.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX

Eureka Copper Canyon LX is one of the best 8 person tent options and boasts 7 feet of head space and an easily pitched cube-like cabin shape, making them one of the roomiest family tents available today. Easy setup comes courtesy of roof fiberglass poles that snap together easily as well as steel wall poles, full standing height, plenty of interior pocketing and gear loft storage, full standing height, full standing height as well as full standing height with full standing height as well as plenty of interior pocketing and gear lofts for storage needs.

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However, while ideal in dry or windy conditions due to low waterproof ratings (low waterproof ratings allow water splash onto ceiling making for dampened interior conditions inside) large windows open in such ways that allow splash-off onto ceiling, creating damp conditions within. Additionally, window flaps stick onto mesh if wet, meaning ventilation might not reach all-way.

Closing Thoughts

The tent's spacious floor area measures an impressive 10×10, providing plenty of room for cots or air mattresses to be accommodated comfortably. The ceiling features mostly mesh, while each side of the tent boasts large windows which can be opened or closed to maximize privacy or view.

Large windows also provide excellent air flow during hot days and nights – an essential feature in a tent designed for warm weather camping trips.

Other features that stand out are two tight hammock-style pockets on the roof and four tightly packed pockets above the windows, plus an E-cable port to power devices during camping trips. Unfortunately, however, there are no floor pockets or stash pockets so accessing items may be challenging if sleeping on pads or air mattresses. I hope this post on the best 8 person tent options out there has been helpful.


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