Bell Tent Awning Tips and Benefits

September 10, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about a bell tent awning? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

Bell Tent Awnings are an easy and cost-effective way to complete any tent. Simply set them up, and enjoy relaxing outside! These durable yet cost-efficient awnings make a statement when added outdoors.

What is a bell tent?” A bell tent is a circular-shaped tent used for camping and glamping that offers a fun alternative to traditional tents while remaining flameproof.

Awnings are a great way to extend your living space

Add an bell tent awning to your tent as an effective way of expanding its living space and providing protection from sun, rain, wind, and hot temperatures. Awnings come in various materials like canvas and vinyl and can easily be customized according to your individual needs and specifications.

Apart from their practical advantages, awnings are also aesthetically pleasing pieces which add class and elegance to any tent. Available in an assortment of striking designs, you're sure to find one which best matches your personal taste and style!

An awning serves many functions; it can be used for outdoor cooking and dining as well as providing shelter from the elements for your tent. Some awnings feature windows while others come with doors you can open or close for ventilation purposes. The best awnings are constructed from heavy-duty materials with strong supports to withstand harsh weather conditions including heavy rainfall. Plus, you'll find different colors and sizes so that your ideal match awaits.


Bell tents differ from modern tents by being circular-shaped and are therefore better at dispersing weight evenly and keeping fabric taut from all directions. As such, they make an excellent choice for luxury camping (also known as “glamping”) with plenty of room for furniture and double beds, plus being simple to set up and take down.

Cotton or polycotton tents boast greater longevity than their synthetic fabric counterparts due to the thicker weave, denser stitching, and non-dependency on seam tapeing – which may break down over time. They also are more UV resistant and less likely to fade in sunlight than nylon and polyester materials which fade over time.

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The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is an ideal option for anyone who appreciates the classic beauty of canvas tent camping while remaining comfortable and secure. Equipped with bug netting to block out mosquitoes, four roof vents for optimal air circulation, and equipped with wood burner stove capability – making this tent perfect for winter camping!

They are Easy to Set Up

Awnings are an easy way to turn your caravan or tent into home. Setup is quick, and they come in various styles to complement the look and feel of any caravan or tent. Use an awning as additional privacy or create a lounge area for the kids with its multipurpose use! Protect from sun or rain with one from our wide selection of colours and styles which complement existing caravans perfectly.

Setting up a bell tent awning may take longer than assembling a traditional canvas tent, but once you understand how it works it should become far simpler. Your first time may take longer but afterward you should be able to set one up in around 15 minutes!


Start by unpacking and unfolding your tent onto a flat groundsheet, spreading out evenly and rotating it so it faces in the direction of your tent door. Locate and assemble your central pole while standing outside of your tent before maneuvering it into place by pushing its small hoop ends through holes in canvas fabric – once this step is completed reattach your plastic rain cap onto its spike on the outside.

Once your centre pole is up, it's time to secure the rest of the tent with stakes. Grab your hammer and small metal pegs, starting by placing three under the door at 45@ angles before working your way around your bell tent with each guyline pegged at 90@. Strive to stake evenly along each wall for optimal symmetry.

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A bell tent's circular design makes it incredibly spacious, accommodating two queen-sized beds comfortably as well as all your camping furniture and sleeping bags. In winter months when temperatures dip lower, a wood burning stove can be safely placed inside to warm you up a bit while during warmer times you can open its doors for some fresh air while keeping insects at bay.

They are Affordable

A bell tent awning provide san affordable way to protect your tent from sun and weather conditions, from canvas to vinyl and mesh materials. Available as stylish yet comfortable alternatives to traditional tents, Awnings provide stylish protection for camping in backyards or on beaches; plus can even protect RVs against UV rays and rain! Installation is fast and effortless – giving you more time for fun outdoor adventures than ever!

The Fern-weh bell tent was designed to endure sun, wind, sleet, and snow conditions. Featuring its circular design and featuring enough room for two queen size beds with all of your gear as well as more than eight sleeping bags for larger groups – making it the ideal solution for glamping! Furthermore it can withstand winds up to 50+ mph!

Easy to Assemble

Bell tents differ from wall tents by offering an easy assembly process and durable material construction that can be rolled up for storage when not in use. Easy cleaning and water resistance make bell tents a popular choice. Furthermore, bell tents come equipped with a stove jack/cover so you can use a wood-burning stove inside – keeping warm during chilly nights and making the tent more comfortable!

An affordable polycotton bell tent costs less than PS250, and comes printed with your choice of patterns and colors. Plus, these tents are mildew resistant, easier to care for than canvas bell tents – although you may feel some stuffiness at times!

Although they aren't readily available in stores, bell tents can be found online as well as at camping shows and county fairs. Certain online retailers like Pitchup offer pre-pitched bell tents to make your camping experience simpler and more enjoyable.

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Before purchasing a bell tent, be sure to carefully test it. Visit a campsite or local park and observe how the tent behaves under various weather conditions; or rent one and put it through its paces before making your decision. Doing this will give you a feel for how it functions in your environment and help determine whether this tent suits you perfectly.

They are Durable

Whenever choosing a tent or awning for home away from home use, it is crucial that it can withstand harsh weather conditions without tearing or collapsing under pressure. UV rays from the sun, raindrops and wind should all be protected against by it while being strong enough to bear your belongings and weight without falling down during heavy winds without being torn or torn away by it.

Tents like the White Duck Outdoors Regatta Bell Tent are sturdy structures constructed from heavy materials like Dynaduck canvas that looks and feels similar to army grade rebar, yet is coated with water-repellant and mold-proof sealants. Designed to withstand severe weather, they feature thick rope supports and thick poles capable of supporting up to 70 pounds each.

These sturdy tents are breathable, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Many can even accommodate wood-burning stoves provided that the tent meets certain fireproofing criteria such as heatproof mat, flue, and ventilation; plus their spaciousness means you're able to fit a camp bed, air mattress, camping chairs and tables within.

Glamping tents are larger and bulkier than their conventional counterparts, making them suitable for group camping trips with multiple friends or family members. Their weight requires renting a car with an ample boot, starting from around PS300 for basic polycotton tents in sizes three to eight metres in diameter – these smaller tents are great for couples or single travellers, while larger ones can hold two queen-sized beds, offering extra sleeping space and comfort.

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