Beginner Climbing Shoes for Success

December 19, 2020

By Nate


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For a beginner, cracking the climbing world looks like an intimidating endeavor. The amalgamation of many distinctive thoughts disturbs a person before starting something new and adventurous. Many questions can block a person's mind like; what will the first attempt look like? What will people say if he fails? Lastly, what are the things needed for best performance? And there are a lot besides these.

No doubt, it is quite important to consider all the things first to have a better and attractive experience. If you are a beginner and have no experience in climbing, you should need to understand the importance of proper gear and things first. Once you clear your mind about all the things, you will be able to have a fruitful moment. 

Now, let's move toward the main thing to be considered very first. It is not a mystery, not a secret, and not a point to hide because we all know that climbing is a task that totally depends upon the feet and leg's strength. So, that's why all the accessories regarding your feet are very important, including climbing shoes.

Hikers and especially beginners, should be very careful about their shoes. In this article, we will talk about the importance and features of the best beginner climbing shoes. 

Do You Wear Socks with Rock Climbing Shoes?

Well, some people think it useful to wear socks with climbing shoes. They think it helps to give the climber's feet a better fit and grip. Due to fully gripped feet, a climber can make confident and better steps toward the endpoint.

According to traditional guidance, the climbers were recommended to wear some thick and woolly socks over and along with their climbing shoes. They recommended it because they thought it a useful technique to fit the shoes, especially for the beginner climbing shoes.

Moreover, it proves very helpful in the winter season. In winter, when you need warmth to your feet for proper functioning, socks help a person very much.  

This technique is very useful for climbing persons, but it is sometimes rejected just because of some demerits. There are downsides like the socks can make your feet sweaty, it may cause you to slip, and the socks will also make your feet and shoes smelly. 

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Should My Toes be Curled in Climbing Shoes?

Your finger should touch the shoe edges at any cost because any dead flat shoe will not offer you a comfortable climbing experience. For those who are looking to get information about beginner climbing shoes, this is a very important point to remember while selecting any climbing shoes. 

Light and gentle pressure on your toes is appreciable and acceptable because it will give you a supporting force. This type of back force will help you be fully gripped in your climbing shoes. 

But, on the other hand, always remember not to select shoes with tight-fitting. Sometimes people get the unfit size just because of the misconception that their fingers/toes should be curled or forced necessarily. Yes, you need the pressure but not through a tough and tight size. Otherwise, it will cause pain in your fingers, and you will not be able to climb the mountain or rock comfortably. You will feel hurt whenever you will take the next step. 

So, that's why one should be very careful in this case before selecting any beginner climbing shoes. The accurate size of the climbing shoes is actually a key to have a smooth and comfortable journey. 

How Do You Know If Climbing Shoes Fit?

The fitting of climbing shoes is a very crucial point to be understood. One will face many problems if he chooses the wrong size. An inaccurate size can allow the discomforts to make you unhappy at many moments. Shoes and most especially the beginner climbing shoes should have the size that can fit your feet correctly. 

Here, we are providing some basic and easy tips so that it will become easy for you to judge the accurate size of beginner climbing shoes.

  1. Obviously, you should check the size by wearing it. After wearing shoes, let yourself confirm whether the toes touch the front edge or not? If you feel any airy distance at the front side, then it will not be the right option for you. 
  2. The next thing to be considered is the heel's fighting. Loose shoes can push your feet out of the shoes while walking or climbing. It becomes very irritating when a person has to face this problem again and again. So, it is necessary to check that your heels are tightly gripped by the shoes back.
  3. Last but not least, the feet side covering is also very important. There should not be any space or distance at the sides of your feet. If there is, it will be a cause of discomfort for you throughout your journey. 
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These are the three main steps through which you can select the accurate size of beginner climbing shoes according to your feet. The better-gripped beginner climbing shoes, along with the climbing practice, can be a guarantee of beautiful moments to enjoy. 

What are the Best Climbing Shoes for Beginners?

Surely, a person who wants to try the first climbing experience would be very scared about all the factors related to his task. He may want to know the best in case of every single point. He would also want to know about the best beginner climbing shoes. 

For the ease of beginners as well as experienced climbers, we are going to discuss some important categories of climbing shoes along with some most commonly known shoes. Generally, climbing shoes are categorized into three different types. 

a) Neutral: 

This is the most purchased style of beginner climbing shoes because it has a flat sole. Moreover, it has a thick sole that helps the beginner to take a step strongly, but as you grow and progress in your field and passion, you'll feel the need to have the thin sole for better sensitivity. This type is beneficial for the beginner to learn how to take steps or how to manage the footsteps on rocky, slippery, and uneven ground or wall. 


This type is what its name says. It is the middle type between neutral and complex climbing shoes. This type is a little bit different in its sole's thickness. Moreover, the toes fitting is also increased to the next level. This type of shoe can help you to make your foot fully and strongly attached to the ground.

b) Complex:

The complex type of climbing shoes is not handleable for everyone. This type has the thinnest sole with a bit tighter front side. It increases the sensitivity for you to sense the ground in a better way. But simultaneously, it is not recommended for beginners because the beginner's feet take time to learn about its proper use. In this regard, the middle category is best, which teaches a beginner's feet to fit into the complex one. 

Now here are some well-reputed and well-known beginner climbing shoes for you. 

La Sportiva Shoe

La Sportiva Women's Climbing Shoe

The La Sportiva brand is a reputed name in climbing shoes. This climbing shoe has three layers on the interior side in order to keep the shoe clean and hygienic. It contains all the light and durable material over it that will help you to keep your feet dry on wet grounds. 

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This shoe is considered the best option for beginner climbing shoes. It is stretchable, so it will snugly cover your feet. Its sole is made up of the FriXion RS rubber, which will be very good for quick and dense sensitivity. 

The components used for its manufacturing make it more durable, long-lasting, and sustainable. It would be a perfect fit for beginner climbers as well as for gym enthusiasts. 


  • Good for bouldering
  • Reasonable price range
  • Good and tough rubber sole
  • Offers immense sensitivity


  • After the use, it may stretch a little bit. 

Scarpa Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Men's Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

Online stores do not have less variety of climbing shoes. There are significantly many other options with less price to choose from, but you will never find the comfort that Scarpa provides to its users. This is a product with appreciable features that can turn a beginner into a pro. 

It is made up of 100% leather, and everyone knows the importance of leather very well. This shoe has the Vibram XS Edge and grips to wrap your feet correctly and tightly. It contains the rubber sole that increases the sensitivity and helps a climber to sense the ground or wall deeply for better grip. 

The fitting system includes the power straps to fit your feet into it. Moreover, it will also provide the sticking power to your feet. Because of its solid stage, it is highly recommended for beginners to start their first experience.

It has the super sticky velcro straps that will tighten up your feet and turn them into tough goat hooves while climbing the rough and rocky mountains. Moreover, its outlook will offer you a sweet sense of looking beautiful. 


  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Appreciable toes and the heel covering
  • Soft and admirable sole
  • Good quality closures. 


  • Expensive for beginners. 

Closing Thoughts

With two respectable brands, well-researched answers to many questions, and three main types of beginner climbing shoes, this article would be very informative for you. Some of the important and key things that need to be kept in mind before purchasing the best beginner climbing shoes are here for your satisfaction and ease. You can have a way to select the right size and perfect climbing shoe for you after reading this article. 

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