Air Tent 8 Man Review and Benefits

July 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for an air tent 8 man review? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. Air tents come in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult to select the appropriate one. In general, air tents tend to be easier and take up less storage space when packed away than poled tents.

This large tent features 5 inflatable beams for support, four rooms, a porch area, and comes equipped with dark rest type bedrooms.

Sleeping Area

This tent offers unparalleled comfort with its high height and Fresh & Black technology that reduces heat while blocking 99% of sunlight. Additionally, this tent features full-length venting on both ends as well as mesh windows to help reduce condensation – perfect for summer camping! Additionally, its main entrance has a drop lip to reduce trip hazards and is barrier-free allowing it to accommodate children or pushchairs; additionally it has an impressive waterproof rating of 4 in case it rains unexpectedly.

Living Area

This tent boasts three bedrooms and an expansive living space supported by air beams instead of classic poles, providing plenty of ventilation through low and high vents, mesh windows and doors, Dark Rest design that blocks 99% of sunlight, temperature management tools such as temperature-control panels and more besides its impressive 4000mm waterproof rating.

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors with a large group of friends or family members, this tent is a fantastic choice. Spacious yet easy to setup and waterproof, it can withstand most outdoor conditions while sleeping 6 people comfortably – its front room can even be closed off using its own door for private sleeping or living quarters!

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You can find this tent in many configurations to meet your needs, including 2- and 3-bedroom options. Its lightweight build makes it great for camping trips and long car drives, while the bedrooms may not be ideal for families with young children (although the living area remains spacious and comfortable). An air tent 8 man review should discuss some of the many benefits of a 6 person tent.


Inflatable tents offer a quick and convenient way to set up camp quickly. Plus, they're easier to transport than traditional tents, more durable against extreme weather conditions, provide ample storage space for gear storage needs, and boast greater spaciousness than most tents within this price range.

Moose Outdoors' inflatable tent offers comfort and versatility while being easy to set up – an excellent combination! It can accommodate six people comfortably while offering plenty of storage space and vestibule/wall organizers to help organize belongings. Plus, unlike other inflatable tents, this one inflates quickly and folds up easily when ready to head back home – plus there's extra privacy thanks to two doors and large windows for additional protection!



The living space in this tent is expansive, making it the ideal option for families and luxury-campers alike. There's room for large camping chairs, stove, and all of your kitchen equipment needs. Furthermore, there's even an enormous secret storage area accessible via a zip door in the bedroom – great for keeping items out of sight until needed! Ventilation is excellent thanks to many low and high vents plus mesh doors and windows.

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One great advantage to this tent is that it can be set up by one person, unlike some other air tents that require two sets of hands for setup. Furthermore, inflating it with its included pump is straightforward, with no unnecessary extra bells and whistles adding weight or complexity to setup. When done for the day it can quickly be packed away into its convenient carry bag for transport back home.

This inflatable tent may be more costly than others we've reviewed, but its features justify its higher price. With a tunnel-like design that provides excellent livability – with a center divider to divide sleeping and daytime areas – plus polyester ripstop fabric and offset mesh ventilation features as well as dual-closure windows to maximize airflow, it provides plenty of ventilation. Unfortunately it does not come equipped with a vestibule; something some campers might find frustrating.

This tent stands out as a true four-season option, making it suitable for use in most conditions. The spacious bathtub-bottom sleeping area features inverted seams to prevent moisture buildup, with detachable front sleeping pod that can be clipped on as the weather warms up; and its spacious vestibule provides plenty of room for gear or an outdoor canopy canopy to be stored safely away. Both its weight and waterproof rating make this an attractive option for family camping trips.


When searching for a tent that will accommodate six people, it is essential to take into account both its roominess and storage features. The ideal six man tent should include plenty of storage space for gear as well as vestibules to store camping equipment away from sleeping areas. Furthermore, an ideal 8 man tent should be easy to set up and take down for camping trips while providing a comfortable atmosphere during camping trips.

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Air tents make an excellent choice for family camping trips as they offer more living space than traditional tents and are easier to set up due to coming as one complete package. Furthermore, these tents tend to be lighter and smaller in size – all key elements when considering camping trips!

Closing Thoughts

There is an array of air tents on the market, and each type can come in many different sizes. The ideal 6-person tent will offer ample storage space while being easy to assemble and disassemble – plus they're lightweight and compact enough to be carried easily on camping trips!

OZTENT AT-6 is an affordable large air tent capable of fitting six comfortably. Featuring three bedrooms and an ample living area, this tent makes an excellent option for family camping trips without breaking the bank.

Dometic Ascension FTX 601 TC tent offers both great space and quality. Constructed on five inflatable beams and featuring 4 rooms plus a porch, this waterproof tent also has numerous solid and mesh windows as well as ample storage space and E-cable ports – an excellent combination.

A great option is the Moose Outdoors Inflatable air tent 8 man, an impressive tent designed for six persons that's simple and quick to set up. Not only that but its durable fabric withstands high winds with ease while being very affordable with an included carrying bag making transportation convenient.


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