Air Tent Review and Benefits

September 16, 2023

By Nate


Have you been looking for more details about benefits of an air tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

An air tent is an easy, effective and versatile alternative to traditional pole tents that uses compressed air as its structural foundation. Setting one up takes only minutes with just one person needed!

Some models utilize continuous flow inflation while others follow a cell structure; one such cell-structured model is the Vango Osiris Air 500 which features wide air beams that act like poles when fully inflated.


Inflatable tents are lightweight and convenient to carry. Plus, they take up less room in your car while being easier to pitch than tents with metal or fiberglass poles. But keep in mind that inflatable tents do have a limited lifespan so be sure to read up on how best to care for and use your inflatable tent before purchasing one – be sure to also read reviews first before making your purchase decision!

KTT Fresh & Black Tent, suitable for up to eight people, makes camping enjoyable. Crafted of 100 percent Oxford polyester – which is thicker and more durable than standard polyester – this tent ensures sturdy weatherproof protection without overheating. Additionally, its Fresh & Black technology reduces heat while blocking 99% of sunlight; additionally it boasts a central vestibule with two doors which can open or close according to personal preference.


Airbed tents have the advantage of being easier and faster to set up than pole tents, with pre-inflated struts already included within the tent and only needing an air pump and pressure gauge attached to each airbeam for pumping action. Once fully inflated, you can complete pitching and staking like you would for any tent.

Many people assume air tents won't measure up to the strength of pole-based tents, but in actuality their performance is quite comparable. We spent a windy weekend testing the Osiris Air against its pole-based competitor Aether 450XL and found both tents were equally sturdy; even better still was that Osiris Air comes equipped with internal bracing straps which help keep it in shape during stormy conditions!

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These tents tend to be slightly more costly than their pole-based counterparts, though this price disparity has decreased steadily as technology improves. Furthermore, many come backed by lifetime guarantees against punctures or leakage issues.

Easy to Inflate

Air tents have become an increasingly popular option due to their versatility and convenience. Ideal for camping trips with young children or those wanting to save space, air tents can easily be assembled using an electric pump – some even come equipped with sleeping mats for maximum comfort! However, sudden temperature changes could cause deflation issues; therefore they should always be properly pegged down before being left outside in the elements.

Inflatable tents are constructed using air tubes which form their support structure, eliminating the need for bulky tent poles. While wooden or metal poles have only limited flexibility before fracture, inflatable tubes bend much more easily without cracking – this makes them much more resilient during pitching or weather conditions.

Unique Designs

Some tent designs are more difficult than others to inflate. Tunnel shaped inflatable tents like Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Family Tent have separate air beams which must be individually inflated, while dome tents like Vango's Airbeam series contain multiple valves which can be activated sequentially for faster set up times. Single valve inflatable tents may also be an option and typically provide faster assembly times.

As soon as you purchase an air tent, make sure that you read its instructions to ensure proper usage. Most tents will come equipped with their valves open – ideal for deflating and storage purposes – however when pumping up they must be moved into their closed positions when pumping; otherwise air may leak through and hiss out when pumping is complete without sealing properly when you remove your pump from storage.

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Once your tent has been inflated, the next step in setting it up should be setting up. Position and attaching the outer tent to the inner tent before checking that all pegs are secure before moving on to assembling your internal tent and connecting your air beams – once these have been secured down for windy conditions you are all set! Soak in nature's beauty! Once set up you are free to enjoy nature!

Easy to Set Up

Air tents differ from regular tents by having inflatable beams that are integrated into their structure, making it much simpler and faster to set up, while providing greater pressure- and wind-resistance. Although air tents require pumps for full inflation, you should consult the user manual carefully in order to properly inflate it – puncturing or overinflation may occur at times, so selecting one with multiple entrances/exits for easy access would also be wise.

Setting up an air tent begins by attaching its pump hose to each valve on each beam and beginning pumping to inflate it – some tents even come equipped with built-in pressure gauges that indicate when enough air has been added! After inflating, peg out its base and stake out guy lines before being ready for camping fun!

An air tent can be the ideal choice for campers who want a simpler camping experience without the hassle of setting up traditional pole tents. Not suitable for long or frequent camping trips due to punctures and leakage risks.

Importantly, air tents should not be mistaken as being waterproof like traditional tents. Therefore, it's recommended that they only be used during the day and a groundcloth be brought along just in case rain breaks out at night. Furthermore, make sure there is adequate ventilation so as to avoid becoming overheated when sleeping in an air tent.

Air tents can be more difficult to repair than tents with traditional poles, since faulty tubes may be difficult to identify and deflate the tent more quickly to replace damaged sections. Also, uneven ground makes staking harder – to minimize this issue try leaving some slack in your guy lines when staking your tents to balance your tent out more evenly.

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Easy to Deflate

This inflatable tent is an excellent solution for families. With enough space for four people and simple set-up, this inflatable tent makes an excellent addition. Easily sleeping four, its air beam support ensures no solid poles are necessary – the tent erects in minutes! Simply inflate its air poles before using pegs and guy lines to secure its presence.

Vango Odyssey Air 500SC follows suit with many other air tents by employing inflatable air beams instead of classic poles for support, featuring dual-use valves to enable inflation/deflation from either inside or outside the tent. This design allows faster and simpler setup while at the same time helping reduce weight/bulk, making camping trips simpler!

Closing Thoughts

An electric pump can make camping in an air tent much faster and simpler, available from most outdoor stores, making setup quicker than manual pumping. Be sure to pack an extra pump just in case one breaks during your journey and ensure you bring along an emergency repair kit if punctures occur as they must be fixed immediately or else the tent could collapse and leave you sleeping wet in your sleeping bag.

Another key step for setting up an air tent is leaving some slack in your guy lines when staking them, which will prevent too much tension on any side and creating an imbalanced tent. Furthermore, make sure you regularly inspect it for holes or tears; any problems should be repaired prior to camping again.

Air tents may be more resilient to the strains and stresses of pitching than regular tents, but they still may develop leaks or puncture holes over time. Most punctures can be repaired with a simple patch kit; you may even find pre-made patches specifically made to work on air tents.

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