Acupressure Rings and Why They Matter for Climbing

December 27, 2020

By Nate


Seeking more information about acupressure rings? If so, we are glad you have arrived here to

Are you looking for acupressure rings? Do you want to know what it is and how it works? Stay with us; we will give you every information you need.

Human hands are a great blessing from god. A man has to do almost everything using his hands. After a busy schedule, people usually feel pain in their fingers, especially people who use keyboards or use their fingers in their work. So, there must be some way to get relief from this paid.

In order to release the pain from the hands, some talented people have invented acupressure rings. These rings are specially designed to be used on fingers at any time. They work to release the pain as well as to stimulate the fingers or knuckles. It is easy to use these rings, and anyone can use them without any hassle.

Do Acupressure Rings Work?

Acupressure rings are small rings made up of triangular-shaped metal. These tiny triangles are combined through some flexible string or material in a circular path. The flexibility allows you to easily wear the rings in your fingers.

Acupressure rings work great. Those who are suffering from arthritis should buy it. It would be very beneficial to relieve the pain of your fingers. The best thing is that it is the easiest way to relieve pain; there is no need for any medicine. It is just a simple therapy that you can do on your own.

The smooth tips of the tiny triangles create a smooth sensation and stimulate the nerve endings on our fingers. It works the same as acupuncture does, but the only difference is, it does not penetrate into the skin. 

These rings provide smooth and easy massage on the finger from the outside so that the numbness of the hand's area decreases, and the ability to sense the touch increases. 

Can Acupressure Rings Hurt You?

Acupressure rings look sharp and dangerous, but in reality, they are very smooth and can easily roll over your finger in the up and down direction. The edges of the triangles are not sharp even though they are curved in a manned way through which they can easily roll over the skin collectively. 

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The acupressure rings will not hurt you. In fact, they will release your pain and take you away from hurt. The use is also very simple and comfortable. One can easily massage through these rings without any help from others.

Acupressure rings are very comfortable and can easily remove your finger's pain in some minutes. There is one precaution you need to take care of it. Don't wear a ring for a long time. Otherwise, it will make your finger a little bit senseless or can also slow down the blood circulation. It is only effective when moving continuously like a massager. 

How Do You Use Acupressure Rings?

The way of using acupressure rings is very easy to understand. It is not a difficult task to have a massage through it. You even do not feel the need for another person to move the rings as they are very easy and small-sized. 

The very easy and trouble-free process of having a massage through acupressure rings is here.

  • First of all, make sure to dry your hand. Don't use the acupressure rings with wet hands. 
  • Now, wear the ring and roll it in the up and down direction gently.
  • Don't put too much pressure on the rings.
  • The up and down movements of the ring will stimulate the nerve endings parent in the fingers. 
  • Repeat the process for 2 minutes. 
  • Do a massage of 2 minutes on every finger. 
  • You'll feel the pain releasing out of your hands. 

You can also use these rings for your palm. Just place one or more rings on your palm and gently roll them in forwarding and backward direction. These rings are not just for fingers; one can also use them for relaxation of the palm. 

It was a very simple and easy process to use acupressure rings. There is nothing strenuous to perform the massage. You will feel meditative or better if you start concentrating on the rolling and movement of these rings. It will help to boost your inner pressure point for proper and quick work. 

What Acupressure Ring Should I Buy?

It is important to use a product that can affect you in the right way. There are many rings that can be easily seen in the market, but if you really want something for serious use, then you should select the best one. 

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The products that we think are best, we going to share in this article. We will also mention their description that will help you to judge the product in a short time. 

Acupressure Rings and Bracelets Massagers Set

With a lot of benefits like pain controller, stress reducer, a nerve stimulator, and energy regulator, these rings can give you their best. It is very common for trad climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to have sore fingers. Accupressure rings can certain aid in this.

These are not only five rings; you will also receive two acupressure bracelets that will work on your arms. You will be able to release the pain from your fingers as well as from your arms at the same time.

For typing masters, guitar lovers, and writers, it will be very helpful after the whole stressful day. 

These rings and bracelets are made up of stainless steel of very high quality along with an electroplated coating. So, it is very safe to use for adults and children. 

Pain Relief

It is a good product for those who are suffering from arthritis or sore wrist. It will release your pain in a very short period of time. 

For complete security, these rings and bracelets come with two cable key chains and one small bag in which you can store your rings and bracelets. The key chains help to combine them in one place and leave no room for being lost. 


  • Secure
  • 5 rings
  • 2 bracelets 
  • Effective 
  • Strong 
  • Long-lasting

Cons :

  • It is flimsy for some people


SUMAJU 10Pcs Acupressure Massage Rings

These are also among the most used finger massagers. This package contains ten rings and a double roller for finger massage. 

The quality of the rings is very nice as they do not feel sharp to the skin. Moreover, they are easy to use. These rings are made up of good quality metal, while the rollers are made up of rubber and plastic. 

These rings will help you to release your pain and increase blood circulation. The roller is also very beneficial for increasing blood circulation.

These fidgets are designed according to Chinese techniques used for acupuncture. These rings will give you a wonderful and military experience of removing numbness. The rollers can also be used after a workout.

The rollers are made up of rubber and feel very smooth to the skin. Just place your finger between the rollers and roll it in a forward and backward direction. The grip and case of the roller are made up of plastic, so one can easily grip the roller and massage his/her fingers. 

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  • Durable
  • Stainless
  • 10 rings
  • 1 rubber roller 

FRIMOONY Ring Massager

FRIMOONY Spiky Sensory Rings for Fingers Massage

If you want something that can remove the pain from your hands without taking medicines, then these rings will help you a lot. The complete package contains 15 finger massagers. There are three rings of each color.

All the rings are made up of very high-quality stainless steel, so it will not show rusting after having contact with moisture. These rings are also coated with protective materials through electroplating. Therefore, it is durable and long-lasting.

These are super easy to use. As mentioned above, just wear them and roll them over your fingers. Its smooth triangular edges will create sensation and pressure through which you will be able to have painless and sensible hands and fingers. 

Acupressure rings are very suitable for arthritic joints as well as for the numbness of the finger and hand. Place two or three rings on your palm and roll there. You'll also feel relief there. 

The rings are made up of super-flexible material, so anyone can easily wear them. They are suitable for every size of the finger. Its flexibility will not stop your blood circulation. 


  • Flexible
  • Corrosion-free
  • Stainless
  • 15 pieces
  • 5 colors

Closing Thoughts

Fidgets have gained massive attention in the past few years. They have become the source of relief in a hurry. Moreover, due to these finger massagers, people feel easy to do massages whenever they want. The acupressure rings have smooth triangular tips that stimulate the nerve endings and create sensation there. There are many benefits of using them, and you can easily get some relief.

The best thing about rings is that they are easy to use. You can use them on your own. Moreover, you can use them whenever and wherever you want. You can carry them in your bag and use them whenever needed. We have shared some of the best products in this article. We have discussed the benefits and features of every product. You hope this article will be helpful to you.

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