5 Man Tent Review and Benefits

July 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for a legitimate, reliable and durable 5 man tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

Family camping enthusiasts will find this tent to be ideal. It features an easy setup process with freestanding dome structure that's simple yet affordable – though without vestibules for added protection.

If you only camp occasionally and prefer lightweight tents with limited coverage from rain, this tent could be ideal. It features minimal coverage while being lightweight.


A five person tent is ideal for family camping trips, offering comfortable sleeping space without overcrowding or losing valuable floor area for gear storage. In addition to its extra livability and sturdiness, many 5 person tent models include premium features like durable denier fabric, multiple windows, triple power ports for device charging ports and even 2×8 footprints for protection from rocks or sticks under your shelter.

A five person tent can comfortably fit two air mattresses or sleeping bags, plus extra gear storage such as camp chairs or tables to play games or have meals at. Most models are also easy to assemble on their own – some models even allow children to do this alone!

Consider upgrading to a 5 man tent as it usually comes equipped with an awning, providing covered outdoor areas for dining and lounging. This feature is especially ideal for families with young children who enjoy spending time outside but don't want their entertainment interrupted by rain and wind.

Four-person tents may provide just enough extra space for couples or individuals camping alone; however, camping with multiple friends could find them too cramped and crowded – at which point, a six man tent offers ample room for all members to unwind comfortably while playing games in comfort.


This tent is an ideal option for family camping, with excellent livability features. Two large doors on opposite sides make entry and exit easier, while mesh windows (along with mesh ceiling) promote airflow inside. A bathtub style floor prevents water damage while anti-fungal coating provides anti-bacterial protection; storage pockets and gear loft provide great organization capabilities; additional features include generous peak height, 68 denier fabric material, color coded poles and hooks as well as generous peak height.

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Steel uprights for strength and fiberglass roof poles to reduce weight are used, and its waterproof rating of 4000 mm provides peace of mind when weather becomes unpredictable. Freestanding, this structure offers 80 square feet with 6 foot peak height to provide comfortable interior space – easily accommodating five people up to the capacity stated on its label – perfect for festival goers or families with children!

The Texsport Headquarters Camo Square Dome Tent is an ideal option for family camping, with its large interior space and excellent ventilation. Two spacious vestibules provide plenty of storage space while its roof features small awnings for extra rain coverage. However, due to its dome shape it has limited headspace within its inner tent so may not be suitable in areas with strong winds.

Browning's Big Horn tent offers excellent size and livability features, featuring an oversized front vestibule that provides space for all of your gear while its mesh windows and ceiling provide airflow. Inside is comfortable with multiple storage pockets available for cell phones or tablets – you can even touch screens through these pockets, making pause or selection media simple!



Design should be an important factor when choosing a 5 man tent, and you have many excellent choices available to you from budget-friendly structures with basic features to high-end tents with extra storage, livability and additional functions – you are sure to find your ideal camping tent here!

Browning Tetragon Tent stands out as an exceptional option, providing above-average livability by way of spacious living and sleeping areas with ample gear storage space, in addition to featuring an extra large vestibule and 68-denier polyester fabric for durability and superior livability. Ideal for campers with back or knee issues who require space without having to bend over or crawl on the ground, making this tent an excellent pick.

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ALPS Headquarters Camo Square Dome tent is another reliable choice at an attractive price and compact pack size. With its simple dome shape that's easy to set up and peak height of 6ft peak height. Plus its double doors allow easy entry/exit, waterproof PVC windows and rain fly that doubles as an awning if the weather's nice!

When choosing a five person tent, bear in mind that you will be sharing its interior space with three to four other people, making interior size an important consideration. Make sure there is ample room for everyone's air mattresses and bags of belongings as well as enough space to move freely during the day.


The best 5 man tent is not only designed to maximize comfort and livability, but also to enable users to access their gadgets easily. This is accomplished through features like the media center which can house a TV for viewing as its viewers fall asleep – plus pockets for phones and tablets so viewers can control these devices from within their bed without leaving their tent!

Ventilation is essential when camping; it keeps the interior cool and helps ensure better restful nights of restful slumber. Therefore, when searching for tents to purchase during summer camping excursions where temperatures may soar quickly. Consider looking for one with at least three mesh walls as well as windows – it will come in especially handy!

Considerations should also be given to waterproof rating when selecting a 5 man tent, since you want something that can protect you from rain and wind while camping. A tent with a waterproof rating of at least 5000mm would provide optimal camping experiences.

Some tents may come equipped with vents, but even these might not provide sufficient air circulation in your tent to make sure that its interior remains cool and comfortable. If you want one with proper ventilation, look for one with rainfly or mesh ceiling for optimal airflow in the tent.

Vango Tetragon ZF makes an excellent 5-person tent for camping, offering plenty of room and premium features such as an expansive sleeping area and pleasant living area, closable vestibule and screen room that extends the sleeping area. Plus, its lightweight construction and easy setup make this tent an excellent camping choice.

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As one might imagine, tents designed for five people require significantly more space than those intended for two or three. Thankfully, the best five person shelters boast above-average livability and ample storage options that enable families to call them home while camping out in nature.

This Texsport Headquarters Camo Square Dome tent was designed with maximum comfort in mind, featuring a generous peak height and ample interior space. Its outer doors come equipped with both panels and mesh for ventilation, with roll up options to keep them out of the way when not being used. In addition, this tent boasts a spacious front vestibule as well as partial coverage fly with 1500 mm waterproof rating rating for added assurance of weather protection.

Closing Thoughts

The North Face Wawona 6 man tent offers plenty of room and ventilation due to its high ceiling height. Plus, with pockets designed specifically to hold screens – perfect for families with young children who may need to pause their favorite show and select another episode or choose between episodes!

Vango offers an excellent cabin tent option if you prefer more traditional camping experiences, featuring plenty of interior and exterior storage solutions, connecting to carports for added livability in inclement weather, as well as having a high waterproof rating and numerous windows to keep air flowing through and keep you cool and dry.

For an extra rugged camping experience, look for a five-person tent with sturdy materials and construction. The ALPS Taurus 5 Outfitter tent is an excellent option, featuring an extremely durable waterproof floor as well as numerous features designed to keep you comfortable no matter the conditions. However, its only drawbacks may include its entrance zipper snagging frequently or its groundsheet ripping easily; though these shouldn't pose much of a problem when combined with a tarp or carpet.


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